About CiboChat & the Food Guide


Cibo, Italian for food, and chat. Put the two words together and you get CIBOCHAT, a blog that seeks to examine food, taste it, chit and chat about it, and make others talk about it.

Created by Apicius International School of Hospitality at FUA-AUF Florence University of the Arts-American University of the Arts, CIBOCHAT is where the different voices of FUA-AUF come together – students, faculty, friends from the local Florentine community – to express the different forms of how we interact with food. What does a winemaker have to say pairing lardo with sparkling wine, or an architecture professor about a Chianti? The student who stumbles into a hidden vinaino and discovers that mortadella is not just produced in Bologna but as an unusual rustic version in Florence’s neighboring town of Prato.

Our blog sections feature the Florentine Foodie with regular updates from the local food scene, and the blog diary of the Apicius team’s yearly journey to the James Beard Foundation. Check out our complete food guide to Florence, an on-going collaboration with Apicius food and wine studies courses:

Coffee/Pastry Shops
Wine Shops, Bars & Restaurants
Ethic Cuisine
Tuscan Trattorie
Veg/Vegan/Special Diets

Let’s talk about food. And remember, a tavola non s’invecchia!

The CIBOCHAT staff