Host Katie Rosenberg with Artist Lorenzo Brini

By Kerry Callender

New York City guests journey through Tuscany via art, food and wine.

The 2017 TuttoToscana event week got off to a great start with an art aperitivo featuring the work of artist Lorenzo Brini. It is the first time in the program’s 13-year history that an art event has been included in the week-long roster.

The exhibition was presented in a private showing to about 60 guests at the home of Katie Rosenberg in New York City. Using mixed media, including ink and watercolor on cotton paper, Brini’s narrative drawings included recognizable “fragments” of Tuscan culture and environment.

Guests were treated to a live drawing performance by the artist during the event and remarkably, all 13 pieces of art were sold by the end of the evening.

In addition to the artwork, guests experienced Tuscany through the food and wine. The finger food aperitivo included playful tastings of emblematic Tuscan elements and was graciously served by the TuttoToscana brigade. Menu items were carefully paired with a selection of distinctive Tuscan wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region.

The TuttoToscana inaugural art event was an absolute success, paving the way to make this format a permanent addition to the event roster.

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