How to Create the Perfect Cappuccino

By Kaylyn Render
I spent time at the Fedora School Pastry Shop in Florence doing research on how to create the perfect cappuccino. Students Emily and Gladice gave me the scoop on how they create the perfect cappuccino, common mistakes when making a cappuccino, and secret tricks that help them create a flawless cappuccino every time. Below is an exclusive interview with Emily, while the video starring Gladice walks viewers through the perfect cappuccino, step by step.

Kaylyn: What is a cappuccino?
Emily: A cappuccino is a layered drink commonly served in coffee shops. The first layer is espresso. The second layer is milk. The final layer is foam. You know its layered correctly when you stir the cappuccino and all you see is the white foam.
Kaylyn: What are things one must know to make the perfect cappuccino?
Emily: It’s a couple things one must know to create this drink perfectly. First the milk in the drink can’t be over done or not done enough. Start by using cold milk. When mixing your milk make sure it reaches a creamy consistency. Always pour milk at a tilt into the creamer. Make sure the creamer is cold.
Kaylyn: What are common mistakes when making a cappuccino?
Emily: Common mistakes that usually happen throughout this process includes the way milk is mixed. When mixing the milk one might burn it or cause it to have to many bubbles. The last one can be prevented by common sense but some people forget to clean the machine before creating a drink. So, the     residue of another drink might be in the cappuccino and that causes a dissatisfying taste.