Olive Oil Sponsor: Pruneti

By Brenna Boone

Pruneti Olio

Pruneti has been one of our food sponsors for TuttoToscana for the past two years. We get the privilege of using a few different types of their olive oils to enhance our dishes, and showcase some of the traditions of Tuscan cuisine. There are three types that we are using for our different events, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Frantoio. Pruneti’s history dates back to the 1800s in the Chianti area of Italy, San Polo. Pruneti does not mix in any other olive oils with their own, they are 100% pressed from their olives. To test for when the perfect time for harvesting the olives is, a small batch is hand pressed. Once the optimal time is found, they harvest!

Pruneti has adopted new methods of pressing their grapes. The agricola is one of Tuscany’s most respected olive oil producers in the world. Though they have adopted new methods of pressing their olives, they have not lost any of the quality of their product. It is an honor to get to showcase their olive oils at our dinners, and to share them with the James Beard Foundation guests. In many of the dishes we are serving, olive oil will be added at the very end as a finishing drizzle. This often adds a delicate touch of fruitiness to each plate. Each different type of olive oil is used for different dishes and adds a different, subtle, flavor.