Cantina del Gelato

Review by Ashley De Real
The Cantina del Gelato is located just on the other side of the river easy to reach and a pleasant walk. The shop looks really looks like a trendy bar on the inside. It was a bit empty at first, but then some locals came in. The atmosphere is friendly and the man at the counter let me try some of the flavors first before I ordered. They have a large selection of interesting/different flavors, such as goat cheese with walnuts, vinsanto and cantuccini cookies, whiskey with cinnamon, mascarpone etc. It was recommended to taste the chocolate-very rich in flavor, which was so good! They add a wafer decoration on all their gelato and it’s the cutest thing. There were mostly locals but all types of customers came in while I was there. It was worth the walk for some great gelato.

Cantina del Gelato
Via dei Bardi 31
Tel. 055 0501617
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 1pm-8pm (winter); Tuesday-Sunday: 1pm-11pm (summer); Closed Mondays