Raffaella Galamini Visited Us!

By Carly Eggers
In our class discussion with visitor Raffaella, we learned first hand what a food journalist is all about. Throughout her career she has worked with various newspapers but currently writes for Agrodolce, 2Night, Lungarno, Courier Extra-Vivi Firenze and Toscana. These websitesrepresent articles that are about food,events and top restaurants to visit. These blogs, posts and articles successfully keep up with the customer expectations today. In this world today everyone is reaching out to the internet to search the best restaurants. Whether it be reading the reviews, searching for the best pizza, or a local food event people are constantly thinking of food. We are constantly looking up recipes as well as trying new places that adhere to our palette. If we want to have an option of take away, we can search which places have that option. Desert, lunch, dinner, and drinks are all options on these websites so that you can have the best experience no matter what meal or beverage. Reading blogs and posts about local restaurants in your area will help explore your options while getting your moneys worth. Whether you are on vacation or want to get immersed in your local culture you can always search to see whats happening around you. Food is such a big part of our culture. We are on a new trend of blogging about it and sharing the top places to eat. Making it so accessible to anyone who wants recommendations or the best of the best is an important aspect of today’s society.