Second JBF Capstone Dinner Trial Event at Ganzo

By Molly Grossman
Photos by the Author

This year’s JBF capstone dinner, “Memories of a Tuscan Garden,” shares the memories of FUA-AUF President Gabriella Ganugi. For the menu, each dish will be put a twist on the original recipes from the President Ganugi’s memoir-cookbook that features recipes from family members such as her nonna.

On October 10th, Ganzo, did a trial run on the menu and service. This was a way to see how everything tasted and looked before featuring the dishes at JBF in NYC. 

The first dish to be presented was a leek tart amuse bouche. One comment suggested that the tart just has something more. The general consensus from the guests was positive. 

Wine Pairing: Poggio al Tesoro SoloSole (Vermentino) 2018

The appetizer served was a chicken liver pate served with figs, a Moscato wine sauce, brioche crumble, and sage.  The reviews of this dish were mixed, many people liked the pate but an element to be improved for NY was the texture and presentation. The pate was too crumbly and brittle.

Wine Paring: Poggio al Tesoro Cassiopea (Rose/Cabernet Franc and Merlot) 2018

The first course was a rotini pasta with yellowfin tuna and wild fennel, everyone loved this pasta dish. Guests thought it was a unique dish made it even better by the wild fennel ingredient.

Wine Pairing: Poggio al Tesoro Cassiopea (Rose/Cabernet Franc and Merlot) 2018

The second course was spinach gnocchi with nutmeg butter and DOP fontina cheese. Some guests found the salt level a bit high while another critique that emerged was the efficacy of the wine pairing.

Wine Pairing: San Polo Brunello di Montalcino (Sangiovese Grosso) 2014

The last course was a stewed guinea fowl served salmì-style served with fresh market vegetables. This was a favorite of the night. Tweaks to make for NY included vegetable seasoning and presentation.

Wine Pairing: Poggio al Tesoro Sondraia Bolgheri (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot) 2016

The pre-dessert was a parfait with caramelized San Rossore pine nuts, which was well-received. An item to analyze better for NY was keeping the decorative circle stable. A guest inquired about the hardness of the chocolate component.

The first dessert was Grandma Duck’s apple pie, which is a modern twist on apple pie. The bowl was edible, which the guests loved. The best way to eat this dish is to crack it with a utensil. All of the guests raved about this dish, they thought the presentation was beautiful and the overall flavor delicious.

Wine Pairing: Poggio al Tesoro Teos (Petit Manseng) 2015

Finally, we served some petit fours of cat’s tongue cookies, coffee cookies, carrot cake, and chestnut flan. Guests were especially impressed by the presentation, everyone enjoyed this dish.

In conclusion, the guests at the Ganzo capstone trial dinner in Florence gave feedback that will help improve the final menu. Everyone who attended the dinner thoroughly enjoyed the dishes and presentation. The trial run was helpful to allow potential issues to be emerged and subsequently analyzed by our BOH team for the upcoming presentation to NY diners next week!