Trattoria Le Mossacce

UntitledReview by: Madison Willis

The staff at Trattoria Le Mossacce was very friendly and approachable. Reservations were not necessary, although I would recommend making one in the future due to the limited amount of seating available. The walls were decorated with paintings and framed pictures and there was a very small dining area for guests. All of the customers looked satisfied, and several looked like regulars. The wait staff was very attentive to the customers. They all were knowledgeable of the menu. Although there were only four waiters on staff that night, we were served almost immediately.
One thing that was unique to this trattoria is that the kitchen is visible from the dining area. It was interesting to be able to watch the chefs cook my food right next to me. The average cost of a meal was 12/23 euros. I ordered three courses for my dinner there. The dishes were about average in size for each course. All the food that was served to my group was very fresh and it would be reasonable to conclude that food is served based on seasonality. The presentation of the food was not exactly noteworthy and it seems they definitely concentrate more on taste than presentation. I ordered ravioli, roast chicken, and vin santo con cantuccini di Prato and the flavor of the food was bold and delicious. The ravioli was authentic and although the roast chicken was a little dry, it was still very satisfying. I personally did not like the dessert; however, it was a popular choice for many customers in the trattoria. The wine list was smaller than other places I have been to; there were just a few options for both red and white wine and the price range was 15/25 euros per bottle. Overall, this is one the best places I have eaten so far in Italy. It was reasonably priced for great quality food. It was also nice to get away from the more tourist filled places. I will definitely be eating here one more time before I go back home. I personally recommend it.

Trattoria Le Mossacce
Via del Proconsolo, 55r
Tel. 055 294361
Hours: Lunch 12:00-2:30pm; Dinner 7:00-9:30pm