Allegrini Estates

By Lauren Maher
Photo from unsplash

Our TuttoToscana 2019 wines feature award-winning bottles produced by Poggio al Tesoro and San Polo. The two wine brands are represented by the Italian wine producer, Allegrini Estates. Allegrini is associated with some of the most-recognized Italian wineries in the world! The family-owned company was started by winemaker Giovanni Allegrini. Since his death, the secret to the high-quality wine has been passed down and perfected for many generations. The winery remains in the family and is currently run by Franco and Marilisa Allegrini.

Allegrini headquarters are located in the Valpolicella area in Northern Italy, considered to be one of the most prestigious wine-making regions in Italy since the ancient times. The six main vineyards include Villa Della Torre, La Grola, La Poja, Villa Cavarena, Fieramonte, and Monte Dei Galli. The Allegrini family fell in love with the land of Valpolicella, which is what inspired them to expand their wine empire from a small vineyard to what it is now. The main grape varieties grown in Valpolicella are “corvina veronese,” “corvinone,” “rondinella,” “molinara,” and“oseleta.”

Allegrini Estates have expanded to include wineries in other winemaking regions of Italy. Poggio al Tesoro and San Polo, both featured in JBF menus this year, represent the Tuscan part of the Allegrini portfolio and are respectively located in the suggestive locations of Bolgheri and Montalcino.

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