TuttoToscana Fall 2019 Wine Producers

By Paul Bozzella, Lexy Garcia, Molly Grossman, K.C. Hinkley
Photo from Unsplash

TuttoToscana is a short-term academic program created to provide experiential learning for students here at FUA-AUF. The program consists of a 3-week session in Florence where the students design, prepare, and execute a menus served in NYC in locations such as the James Beard Foundation in the West Village. This year’s weeklong theme is rooted in the garden of a Tuscan family. The menus are was based on the memoir The Girl Who Counted Ants by Gabriella Ganugi, President and Founder of FUA, in which she describes personal as well as family recipes. The menu seeks to share the flavors of a Tuscan garden while still cultivating a journey towards the furthering of students’ culinary education. Our Tuscany and its Wines course here in Florence will take blog readers on a journey through the Italian wines that will accompany the menus in NYC.

Poggio al Tesoro: One of the featured wine producers is located in Bolgheri, Italy. Poggio al Tesoro is located on an opulent terrain which is perfectly tailored for the production and cultivation of its great Tuscan wine. In Bolgheri, the color of the soil consists of an array of yellow, red, and orange hues that all blend to a rich brown, providing the proper amount of nutrients for the grape varieties. Its terrain is anything but plain – Bolgheri is littered with hills and mountains, views of the sea, and an ornate collection of terraces which break up the slopes on the hills. 

What makes this location even more substantial is its weather conditions. Bolgheri has an average of an extra 10°C from April 1st to September 30th which are crucial dates for its production of wines. As soon as you step foot on this land, the power of the sun cannot be ignored – it is bright, warm and full of energy – perfect! Its proximity to the sea provides a breeze that consistently keeps the soil and fields perfectly ventilated.

San Polo: The other wine producer for TuttoToscana is San Polo, located in Montalcino, Italy. This winery is located on top of a hill, the higher elevation makes the soil calcareous with fossils, clay, and limestone deposits found within. The vineyard has a south/southwestern exposure at an altitude of 450m above sea level. This type of soil and the location of the winery is perfect for harvesting the Sangiovese grape. The winery is also eco-friendly, it uses natural fertilizers and preserves the surrounding environment by using underground cellars to help keep products cool. The winery produces five different wines, including two brunellos. Yearly bottle production is 140,000 bottles per year.

Italian wine culture contrasts that of the United States where TuttoToscana events will be held. Wine is a social and cultural experience, always paired with food according to specific traditions and territory-specific practices. The TuttoToscana team is eager to share the Italian wine culture with NYC audiences. The selected wines have been paired with the menus to raise the caliber of the meal. So, don’t just drink the wine: laugh and enjoy; eat and sip; and most importantly, applaud the hard work put into the upcoming events!

Poggio al Tesoro and San Polo wines are represented by Allegrini Estates. Stay tuned for upcoming blog post on Allegrini!