Review by Bailey Hudgens

Owned by two Italian brothers, the staff at Dioniso was very nice and hospitable. Our server, Yoto, was very nice and ready to serve us. Reservations are accepted but typically not needed. The décor gives an authentic feeling; light music played; blue and white walls decorated with iconic Greek film posters and other Grecian characters; an overall fun atmosphere. We chose to sit outside because it was so nice out and we like to be outside when given the opportunity. I love Greek food and this restaurant was the perfect Greek fix I needed while in Italy. The menu offers Greek and Mediterranean specialties offered in a range of options and served all courses. The average cost for a meal: lunch, 12 euro, dinner 20 euro. The food was very fresh, especially since tomatoes were in prime season. The Greek salad was exactly what I’ve been looking for: lettuce with cucumbers, olives, lots of tomatoes, and topped with a chunk of feta cheese and drizzled with olive oil (great vibrant colors). The Gyro was presented wrapped in parchment paper, how you would typically expect a gryo to be served. The wine list was smaller than other restaurants, with average prices. The food was fresh and just what we expected for a typical authentic and quality Greek meal. If you love Greek food, this is a great restaurant.

Via S. Gallo, 16r
Tel. 055 217882
Hours: Lunch 11:00am-3:00pm; Dinner 7:30pm-12:00am