Caffè Gilli

imagesReview by Madeline Dunagan

Caffè Gilli has been on the corner of Piazza della Republica since 1733 and the inside shows its Florentine history. Though they do have tables, I recommend drinking a coffee and eating a pastry at the bar. Service is always quick and the staff is always really nice. The lady that works behind the pastry case is extremely nice and lets you choose exactly which pastry you would like and will answer any of your questions. If you would like a pastry, you order with the women and she will give you a slip. You then hand this slip to the cashier and you can also order a beverage if you would like. She will hand you a receipt that you get to receive your pastry and drink.
They have pretty much any kind of coffee drink you would like, and a wide selection of pastries. The pastries range from 2 to 4 euros and the coffee drinks from 1 to 2 euros. Their presentation is always top notch and he pastries always look delicious. My order has comprised of a millefoglie and an espresso, or an apple pastry with a Caffè Marocchino. My reaction is always “may I have another please?”. I love going to get a pastry and an Espresso there. The flavor is always spot on. Service is always quick, and for what you pay, you get an excellent pastry and coffee. I also recommend trying their fruit tarts, as they are truly amazing. I would return and have returned multiple times.

Caffè Gilli
Piazza della Repubblica, 39r
Tel. 055 213896
Hours: Open daily from 7:00am to midnight