Fuoco Matto Pizzeria

By Julia Sciabarasi, Madison Rojas, Serena Sandoval, Brenna Golden, Julia Sullivan

The restaurant offers a wide
variety of dishes ranging from pasta, meat, salads as well
as an extensive pizza menu. The restaurant has a tendency
to get very crowded, so reservations are highly
recommended, although not required. The restaurant
features two rooms for seating and seats between 100-150
guests. The pizzeria has counter seating as well as
numerous high top tables and booths. The clientele
consists mostly of a local crowd, specifically regulars who
come in during lunch break.
The staff of Fuoco Matto was very accommodating to our
group. Upon entering, the hostess was very friendly, and
greeted us as soon as we walked in. We did not have a
reservation, but they were able to accomodate the 5 of us
without hesitation. Fresh, warm bread was brought to our
table with olive oil, along with a liter of still water. The menu
was in English, which was very convenient for our group.
We ordered house red wine for the table, which was slightly
small, but we all enjoyed our glass with dinner. We had
some questions about the menu and the restaurant in
general, and our waitress was extremely helpful and eager
to answer questions. She explained the process of using
the wood fire oven to create the perfect texture,
temperature, and blend of flavors in each pizza. It was also
noted that many of the different ingredients in each pizza were DOP (Protected Designation of Origin).
Between everyone in the group, we ordered a few different
pastas and pizzas, and the food arrived in a very timely
manner. In all of the dishes, the
ingredients were very fresh and bursting with flavors that
complimented one another. The pasta was cooked perfectly
al dente. The crust of the pizza was crisped deliciously, and
the cheese melted on top of the fresh tomato sauce and
bread to create a wonderful meal for a very reasonable price.
Overall, we would highly recommend Fuoco Matto Pizzeria
to others. The service was excellent and the food was
incredibly tasty. The restaurant atmosphere was very warm
and welcoming, making this a very comfortable place to enjoy a meal. The staff was very skilled at their job and
openly engaged with customers, and the pizza quality is what brings customers to Italy!
Address: Via Diciassette Aprile, 16
Phone Number: 055 495140
Email: info@fuocomatto.it
Website: http://www.fuocomatto.it/