Trattoria A Crudo

By Taryn Henning, Emma Udchitz, Oona Sutherland,
Phoebe Theisen

We left pleasantly surprised and pleased with the experience.
Overall the meal quality surpassed any expectation we could have
had. The environment was a small, homey restaurant with no more
than 30 chairs inside and out with a mix of both American and
Italian clientele. They had the option of both an English or Italian
menu which was very helpful and the menu had a traditional style
of starters and multiple course options. Each item was anywhere
from 8 to 30 euros, depending on your choice. Our
waiter was also amazing in helping us order since none of us had
ever been to an establishment like this before.
The ingredients were fresh, well prepared and individually made by one of the two workers at the establishment.
A lot of us went out of our comfort zone and ordered the raw meat
because our waiter had explained what each of the options were
and how they have multiple shipments a week of fresh ingredients.
Along with the tartare, and vegetarian dishes, we also ordered a
platter of cheese and other assortments of aperitivi that had a
variety of local meats, cheeses, honey and different crostini. Our
waiter also gave us a bread soup to try, which was very good.
Between the food, service, and comfort of the restaurant we
would recommend this establishment to our friends. A Crudo
exceeded our expectations. The service was absolutely
amazing. The flavors really stood out, and we could tell it
was very fresh and high quality food. The whole experience
was outstanding, most of us would go back. Although some
of us did not eat the raw meat, we loved the bread soup and
cheese platter.

Address: Via Mazzetta 5/R, 50125, Florence Italy
Phone: +39 366 113 9184