How To Be a Vegetarian in Florence

By Madison Ross
Italy is said to be the home of the finest cured meats in the world. From stuffing your face with some delicious prosciutto and crackers, to eating pounds of spaghetti, you are almost always promised that your meat is of the best quality. Some may ask how vegetarians survive in a place where eating meat is part of everyday history and culture in Italy? Although only around 10% of Italians are vegetarians, they are said to have the largest percentage in all of Europe. Therefore, you will find many hidden treasures inside the beautiful country of Italy. On almost every menu, you will find delicious “Antipasti” options that include the freshest vegetables and spices. You will find that the markets will be your best friend as well! If you get lucky enough, you might even be able to try some of these delicious fruits and veggies before you buy them!