Pizzeria Ristorante i Tarocchi

Review by Meaghan Hunter, Stephanie Isidorio, Hannah Kohl, Alana Keenan, Odri Hernandez
Pizzeria Ristorante I Tarocchi is a very enjoyable restaurant for customers of all types. ​Depending on where you live in Florence it may be more of a walk to get there, but we can all confidently say that it was worth it. On Saturday night, it began to fill up around 7:30 so having a reservation is a good choice to be guaranteed a table. However, you would not require a reservation if you are going for lunch during a weekday. The restaurant is not overly fancy and is decorated in a rustic Italian style. Not many tourist were there, but a lot of locals. It really embraces the subtle ambiance of Florence and it’s traditions. It is very inviting and comfortable.
We were all cheerfully greeted by multiple workers as we stepped inside. The wait staff was pleasant and very accommodating. Many Italian families filled the restaurant, and when children were a part of the dinner party, the waiters offered them small toys and coloring books to use at the table. The parents were thrilled that the children were occupied and they could socialize with each other. It’s always a good sign when a restaurant is filled with local Italians because they ​​know their pizza and pasta! We took it as a sure sign we would get some really good food.
Between our group, we got a taste of everything. The wine menu was small, only about 7 different bottles to choose from but they were all reasonably priced Tuscan wines. The Chianti Classico is a great choice as it was one of the least expensive but tasted like it could’ve been more costly. Per our server’s recommendation we tried the Pizza Tarocchi. This was topped with ​Stracchino, zucchini, sausage, onions, fresh tomatoes, and mozzarella. It was absolutely delicious. The vegetables on top were fresh and flavorful and the cheeses were perfectly melted. Even the basic Pizza Margarita was outstanding and the crust was thick and cooked perfectly. One group member got the pear ravioli as an appetizer just because it looked so good passing by us on another customer’s plate. It was so unique smothered in gorgonzola cheese; this was a hit for everyone, even some of us said it was the best food they had all semester. We also tried the bruschetta because since we have been in Florence, it has been one of our favorite snacks. This bruschetta was ​so ​good- the tomatoes tasted like they were picked straight from a garden. As for desert, all the options in the display case looked delightful, but some of us were too full to even try one.
This is a place that would be highly recommended to anyone looking for a good meal and/or exceptional pizza. Also a great place to go for those looking to get a more traditional Italian meal away from the tourist areas. Inviting to people of all ages, it is a great setting for family gatherings, meeting up with friends, or even a simple date night. The menu has something to offer for everyone and the staff is very accommodating to any needs. Not to mention the prices are more than reasonable. A complete, delicious, meal can be bought for under 20 euro. If looking for just some pizza you can spend around 10 euros and have it be a filling meal. An amazing experience and the food was incredible. Pizzeria Ristorante I Tarocchi​ can expect to see us again!

Pizzeria Ristorante I Tarocchi
Via dei Renai 12-14R
Tel. 055 234-3912
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday lunch 12:30-3:00pm, dinner 7:00pm-12:00am; Sundays dinner 7:00pm-12:00am. Closed Mondays