Osteria Santo Spirito

By: Lindsay Harmon
As I drug my suitcase across the cobblestone to the front door of my apartment in Piazza Santo Spirito, an amazing smell came across our entire group.  It had been a long two days as we boarded flight after flight on our journey from the United States to Italy. We anxiously waited for our apartment door to unlock and finally relax for the night and start exploring the city tomorrow. However, one smell of the restaurant next door changed our minds. We raced upstairs to quickly settle in, so we could discover and indulge in our first taste of authentic Italian cuisine. On any given night, reservations re required for dinner, as the place is packed with locals and the lucky tourists that had discovered this hidden Gem. However, since it was only around 5:00 PM we got seated right away. We browsed the menu not really knowing what we were about to discover. Each of my roommates and I had a glass of Gewürztraminer Cortaccia. It was the first glass of wine I had in Florence and it was the perfect freshness that I needed. This white wine from the Alto Adige region of Italy is full bodied with layered floral aromatics and intense notes of flowers, rose, and magnolia. It is rich in extract with hints of cinnamon and has a fresh and persistent finish. Wanting the best out of my experience, I asked the waiter to order me the most popular dish, without knowing what it was. As I waited nervously and excitedly, I saw my dish coming towards me. The first thing I saw was a mound of bubbling cheeses. How did he know cheese was my favorite? As soon as he set it on the table I couldn’t help but dive in. This dish I received was oven-baked gnocchi in a bubbling-hot mix of soft cheeses flavored with truffle. It definitely lived up to and exceeded all expectations I had.  I have recommended this place to every person I have been in contact with and will continue to do so.  My very first meal in Florence had been nothing short of amazing, and has remained my overall favorite restaurant here.

Osteria Santo Spirito
Piazza Santo Spirito 16
Tel.:  055 238 2383
Hours: Daily 11:00am-11:00pm