By Kelly Price, Alexis Porter, Avril Payne, Maggie Reyes, Jessica Perlman
The customers at #Raw were a mix of locals and tourists, all connected through a common lifestyle or diet. This establishment appeals to a lifestyle, not a specific nationality (local Italians or tourists). It is a vegan café which is fully Gluten and Dairy free, so it certainly caters to people who follow vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other special diets. It also appeals to health conscious individuals looking for healthy food options or looking to avoid processed foods or artificial additives. The establishment serves mostly seasonal, raw food and avoids processed foods and refined ingredients. Artificial sweeteners and preservatives are not used either; instead sweetness is obtained naturally from fruit and raw nectars. The café itself is quaint, and as it caters to a smaller group of people, it is appropriate for the clientele. The lunch menu has approximately 10 options which rotate seasonally depending on ingredient availability, and there are about 5 smoothie and 5 juice options. They also offer a few breakfast items and some baked goods as well. The shot menu consists of different fruit/vegetable/herb wellness blends for detox purposes. The coffee menu also includes a variety of non-dairy alternatives to animal milk, such as almond or cashew milk. All of our meals were of high quality. The ingredients were all extremely fresh tasting and crisp, exploding with flavor. The juices are freshly squeezed from ripe fruit, as fresh as it could have been. The food was also prepared after order, not prepared in advance, sitting in a display or reheated upon ordering.
The service at #Raw was very good, and our group members felt welcomed into the establishment from the second we walked in. The employees were there to answer any questions about the menu and ingredients, and even gave personal suggestions on what their favorite dishes were. The staff catered to individual needs (adding or subtracting ingredients from menu items), and prepared the food in a very timely fashion. The friendliness of the employees at #Raw definitely added to the dining experience, and made the slightly high priced worth it.
Overall, our group believes that #Raw is a place where everyone can find something on the menu they like. Their menu has a wide variety ranging from smoothies to juices to vegan burgers to vegan wraps and much more. All of the menu items were fresh and prepared nicely and we each had a positive experience there. The atmosphere itself was very minimalist but inviting. The wooden tables and chairs with greenery accents around the restaurant made it an inviting atmosphere for people to come and eat and even for students to just come and study while enjoying one of their juices or smoothies. The staff was very friendly and helpful and even gave some recommendations that guided what we ordered.

#Raw Vegan Bistrot
Via Sant’Agostino 11/r
Tel.: 055 219379
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm; Saturday-Sunday 11:00am-8:00pm. Closed Mondays