Red bookstore in Piazza della Repubblica

By Grace Canty and Chelsea Clower
Oftentimes people associate a bookstore with being boring or not the most exciting place to spend their free time, however this perception could be changed with the addition of bars and restaurants to bookstores. Bars and restaurants add not only a social appeal, but it also adds a sense of community; making it more of a welcoming environment. With the addition of restaurants or bars to a bookstore, it allows the typical bookstore space to transform into one in which people can sit and eat making the customers feel more relaxed. Not only that, but it acts a place where people can go to hang out.
After visiting RED bookstore during prime lunch time and seeing the amount of people sitting in there and eating lunch, it was a completely different vibe from the typical bookstore experience. The atmosphere created in this space encourages people to gather and spend their free time there. It allows people to go there with friends and converse over a great meal, or just grab a book accompanied by a cup of coffee from the bar. Having more of a social aspect in the bookstore makes it more appealing to potential customers. The atmosphere created by the combination of books and food makes people feel more at home and comfortable. Many people, especially students, associate studying and books with cup of coffee. Therefore, having a bar or restaurant in a bookstore can make it a more welcoming place for customers to come to and enjoy themselves.