A vintage-style shrimp cocktail at Ganzo

By Shannon Hughes
The theme of this weeks ‘AperiGanzo’ at the Ganzo restaurant was Vintage Italian. This vintage Italian specifically focused on food dishes from the dark period of Italian Gastronomy after World War two transitioning to a new glory. There were four dishes highlighted for the night: Fried paccheri rigatoni, broiled veal with fennel salad, shrimp tartar, and lastly seared tuna steak. The first dish featured was fried paccheri stuffed with caramelized heavy cream and prosciutto, the culinary student Ottaviano stated that  ”this dish is almost like your traditional tortellini”. It was then presented with a pea cream sauce. Another dish highlighted was veal broiled with stock for a long period of time then shredded and topped with a fennel salad as well as radish chips to give it some color. The third dish displayed was the chefs interpretation on shrimp cocktail. The shrimp was broiled and made into tartar together with a “pink sauce”. This pink sauce was made from infused garlic and thyme tomatoes and tofu mayonnaise. The pink sauce is sauce then presented on the plate along with a darker sauce known as the shrimp bisque. Lastly, and personally one of my favorites, was the seared tuna. The tuna was seared and baked then coated with eel sauce and mayo, he then took the bones and made a demi glaze along with fried capers, It was delicious!