Italian Tapas Rostobar

Buon appetito!

Review by: Brooke Nastasi, Isabel Napper, Lily Nguyen, Lucia Matteo, Caroline Murray

When our group first approached the tapas restaurant, we thought it was going to be small. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the seating area extended far into the back and was very open. The interior was very modern and had a good aesthetic. The back of the restaurant had a very laid back and mellow atmosphere. The two men sitting at the cash register/bar area were very friendly to all of us when walking in and each said hello. The waitress was very friendly and offered us menus and explained how the restaurant worked, as we were not familiar with a tapas restaurant.
Looking at the menu I was surprised at how inexpensive all the food was. Even though the portion sizes were very small, it was still a great price. We each got 2 dishes each to split between the 5 of us.  Each plate came with two to four small servings and were arranged to look just as good as they tasted. A few things we tried were prosciutto curdo, fresh Tuscan pecorino cheese, riso, patate e cozze, eggplant parmesan, octopus and potatoes, terre del sud, gnocconi ripieni, and a few more things that aren’t on the online menu. The sauces and garnishes that came with some of the plates were for both flavor and presentation. Many of the dishes that were offered at this restaurant appeared to be drawn from traditional Italian dishes, but then had a fun twist, in either the presentation or the unique flavors. We had a good variety of Italian tapas. A few of us got the house white or red wine or a drink homemade by the bartender.
After finishing our meal, we were all very full and happy. We absolutely loved this restaurant and its atmosphere. The food in general is priced very well and the quality of the food is great. We would absolutely recommend this place to all of our friends and we already want to go back and try it again soon.

Risto Bar
Address: Via Sant’Agostino 11/R
Telephone: 055 098 2738
Hours: Monday-Friday 5pm-12am, Saturday and Sunday 12:30pm-12am