Gelateria della Passera

Review by: Gabrielle Hartman, Marion Gardella, Devan Hampton, Lauren Hatteberg, Lexi Holcombe
Our group visited the establishment at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon. There were several other customers at the Gelateria, but the line wasn’t too long. The inside of the shop was charming and welcoming. There are about 20 flavors to choose from, either made with or without milk. We collectively ordered a variety of flavors that varied between a cream base, fruit base or nut base. Typically, Italians order two flavors of gelato and most of us bought two scoops because of the reasonable prices, as each scoop was only one euro. Those that were eating the fruity flavors reported that the gelato was fresh and perfectly resembled the flavor of the fruit. The gelato did not taste as if it had artificial sugars or flavors in it, but tasted like the natural fruit. The gelato that contained nuts was also reported as extremely fresh and contained fine bits of nut, both in the hazelnut and the pistachio flavors. This gave the gelato a more authentic flavor and made the texture unique without tasting artificial. The more creamy flavors were also reported as fresh and authentic tasting. The gelato has a dense texture that left the customer feeling satisfied. Overall, all the flavors that were chosen were delectable, scrumptious and satisfying.
The group decided that Gelateria Della Passera is a must go to while in Florence. The establishment may be small but it is placed in a great location, near the Ponte Vecchio, with a collection of benches outside. The all-around ambience is relaxing and refreshing simultaneously. There is no seating associated with the establishment itself, however it is on the corner of a piazza with public benches for seating. We all agreed that this is one of the most authentic gelaterias we have had the pleasure of trying in Florence. The flavors are packed with flavor without tasting artificial and there are Italians visiting the shop. The woman working the counter appeared to have a developed relationships with other customers coming in, indicating that this Gelateria has made a lasting impact on the surrounding community. Locals, both children and adults, are the main clientele of this gelato shop. Definitely a gelateria to try, as its outstanding reputation and award-winning gelato precedes itself!

Gelateria della Passera
Address: Via Toscanella 15/R
Tel: 055 291882
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12:00am-midnight. Closed Mondays