The Girl Who Counted Ants arrives in NY

By Emma Dahman and Natalia Hryniuk
Illustration By Andrea Mancini

Each year, Florence University of the Arts holds an exhibition event in New York City for their annual edition of TuttoToscana. This year TuttoToscana is dedicated to Memoirs of a Tuscan Garden, and the art show within it is titled The Girl Who Counted Ants, after a children book, which will be part of the exhibition, along with its original drawings. Written by FUA-AUF’s President, Gabriella Ganugi, the book features illustrations created by Andrea Mancini, a fine arts faculty member of the university. The show will be on display for one day only on October 23 rd in New York City’s Lower Manhattan at the event space 632 on Hudson.

The location, a converted nineteenth century building, is filled with charm and richness. The space was chosen for its intimate and historical beauty. The inspiration for this type of events, done in private dwellings instead of galleries or museums, stems from the 1970’s art scene in New York City, when it was common for artists to open their homes for audiences to view works in their own personal creative spaces. The exhibition will feature the original digital watercolors by Mancini and will be incorporated within the rooms, complimenting existing works on display in the apartments.

The TuttoTuscana event will be taking place across three different levels in the converted apartment spaces. When entering, guests will be taken care by FUA-AUF Hospitality students, who have been working for the event as part of their academic curriculum, and that are managing the whole event. Culinary students, who prepared the menu, will take care of the dishes, all inspired by the freshness of Tuscan cusine. Guest will have the occasion to test their developing professional skills in the field.

The Girl Who Counted Ants exhibition will take place in the Shanghai Den room, where the featured artist will interact with the public, explain his works, and how they contribute to scholarships for future students. The event will conclude in the Central Atrium Ballroom, featuring a DJ station and beverage lounge.