The Wines of TuttoToscana 2017 – Part I

By Kerry Callender

The week-long TuttoToscana event in NYC will showcase wines from five different producers that were all introduced in our last blog post. In this post we look at each individual wine and what it will be paired with.

Building on this year’s theme – Fragments of Tuscany – dishes on the various event menus have been carefully paired with some of the best wines produced in the Tuscany region and presented States-side by Vias Imports Ltd.

Fattoria Del Teso is one of the producers that will be featured at TuttoToscana’s culminating gala dinner at the James Beard Foundation. This idyllic farm in the Municipality of Montecarlo is situated just 50 kilometres from both the Mediterranean Sea and the Apennine mountains, a location that provides the farm with exposure to a favorable climate and suitable soil. All phases of processing at the Fattoria, from fermentation to bottling, are overseen by renowned oenologist, Francesco Bartoletti. Two of Fattoria Del Teso’s wines have been selected for the lavish 5-course meal that will be served at the gala dinner. The Montecarlo Rosso DOC 2015 will be paired with the antipasto and the Montecarlo Vin Santo DOC 2000 will be paired with the dessert course. Both wines were served at Ganzo’s simulation of the JBF dinner last Thursday. Our wine service team spoke with diners throughout the evening to gage their reactions to the wine and food pairings. Some of the most enthusiastic responses came from students currently enrolled in the course Tuscany and Its Wines:

“The pairing did exactly what it was supposed to … The wine assisted the food and the food assisted the wine.” – (Jessica Chapman)

“That wine countered the saltiness of the baccalà dish.” – (Kristin Rudeen)

“I think the tannicity of the wine was perfect with the fish; this was definitely a wine pairing that I thought, this one works!” – (Morgan Nash)

The wine producers of Azienda Agricola La Lastra will hold the spotlight at the 2017 FUA Alumni dinner, also to be hosted at the James Beard Foundation. Azienda Agricola La Lastra consists of two different working farms, one in San Gimignano and the other in the historical centre of Siena. Farming at La Lastra follows organic methods and is guided by the principles of the “environment before business, people before brand, and substance before shape.”

The Alumni dinner menu will be paired with two wines from La Lastra, both of which were previewed at Ganzo’s a la carte dinner service last Friday. The Vernaccia di San Gimignano DOCG 2016 was paired with two primi dishes: a potato, ricotta and saffron gnocchi and a Massese-style tortelli. The secondo dish of Tuscan-style mixed fried chicken, rabbit, and pork, was paired with the Chianti Colli Senesi DOCG 2015.

Stay tuned for our Part 2 of “The Wines of TuttoToscana 2017” as we shine the spotlight on the other producers who have been specially selected for our guests in NYC!

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