Trattoria Diladdarno

Review by Grayson Glazer, Abby Hyson, Andrew Hazelip, Amanda Carofano

Trattoria Diaddarno was easy to find and only a short walk to the other side of the Arno. The trattoria is tucked away from the main tourist attracting restaurants. Our group arrived just as it opened and were the first customers of the night. The restaurant had, from our point of view, traditional Italian charm. The décor was humble and rustic giving it a family owned feel, opposed to the formal and trendy restaurants that are meant to attract tourists. The front was inviting, and did not look like there was much seating, but as soon as they lead us into the room behind there was tables set up everywhere. As the night went on the clientele in the space appeared to be Florentine locals. We didn’t notice any tourists sitting down to eat dinner here. The staff here was very friendly and accommodating to us too; Our server was very helpful in helping us learn what was in every dish. They were also very attentive. At the first glance of the menu, you can see that they have a good variety of dishes to choose from for each course. Also, most items seemed to be traditional dishes or are made with seasonal items.
We ordered a variety of items so that we could have a taste several dishes. The antipasto
Honey moon, melted pecorino cheese with truffle and honey, served with bread was a delicious starter. The sweetness from the honey paired perfectly with the rich and savory truffle oil. The pecorino cheese was a good base for these ingredients as well. We then proceeded to try the first courses: pici pasta with black cabbage and sausage with pecorino cheese was also was extremely flavorful. The sausage was delicious and the greens were a good balance while enhancing the flavor by absorbing some of the sausage’s juice. The pecorino cheese was a good touch as well. The pecorino cheese ravioli with cream of pumpkin and balsamic vinegar was also good, although I am not a huge fan of the pumpkin flavor. However, the pumpkin was very fresh and season, even if the flavor is a bit delicate. The lasagna was delicious and had a sweetness probably from being cooked with wine. The square-cut fresh egg spaghetti with white pork ragout and truffle was as good as I expected it to be, I am a huge fan of truffle. The dish had slices of truffle laid out on top of the pork and spaghetti. The risotto with onions stuffed in apple vinegar with sage and pecorino cheese: This was a savory dish, creamy, and fresh. It was made very well. The last dish was potato gnocchi with creamy goat cheese and porcini mushrooms, which was one of our least favorites. Although we like the individual ingredients it turned out to be somewhat bland. It was not a bad dish, and the ingredients were all fresh, but there was nothing that stood out about it in comparison to the other dishes. The desserts were are very unique, such as the presentation of a tiramisu presented as a flower pot. They also displayed something called coffee which was a dessert that was a hollow chocolate mold of a espresso coffee maker filled with a chocolate and light filling. The house red wine a fruity fragrance, it was quite smooth and easy to drink, which paired well with our meal. The average cost for our full meal was about 20 euros. We really enjoyed Diladdarno, it was a light, fun, and local atmosphere. Overall, the dinner we had at this restaurant was very good and we would recommend it to other people looking for a good place to eat, that has friendly service and good food, in good quantities, for a good price.

Trattoria Diladdarno
Via dei Serragli 108/r.
Tel: 055 224917
Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, Lunch 12:00-3pm; Dinner 7:00pm – 12:30am. Closed Mondays