Tutto Toscana 2019 Wine Lineup: From Dry to Full-bodied

Bolgheri Vermentino: The Grape of the Sun
By Damien Cook

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The Bolgheri Vermentino wine comes from the Vermentino grape. This semi-aromatic grape can be found in the Liguria region and the southern coastline of Tuscany. This grape is nicknamed the “grape of the sun” because it bathes in sunlight and warm climates. This grape is grown along the coastline and is very resistant to wind and salt. It thrives in warmer climates due to its tendency to ripen late in the growing season. The Vermentino is a thin-skinned white grape that produces wines that are crisp, citrusy and generally unoaked. They are stored in neutral containers to keep their natural flavor and freshness. At first glance, this wine is very clear and has a pale lemon look to it. This wine will have a citrus and floral aroma, with some mineral notes. When it comes to tasting, this wine is dry, low in alcohol, acidic and has no tannin. This medium-bodied wine is best paired with fresh seafood such as shrimp, fish or even oysters. It also goes well with vegetarian dishes which are very mild in flavor. I would recommend pairing this wine with flavors such as a vegetable medley or shrimp and Tuscan salsa flavors that are featured in TuttoToscana menus this year.

Poggio al Tesoro: Bolgheri Rosato DOC Cassiopea
By Zularie Montiel

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The Bolgheri Rosato DOC “Cassiopea” comes from Cabernet Franc and Merlot grapes. Cabernet Franc is known to the parent grape of the Merlot. It has proven to be very robust and produce good quality wines in a variety of climates. In warmer climates, such as the Bolgheri region in Tuscany, Cabernet Franc can taste of blackberries, black cherries, dried fruits, and possibly a sweet note of roasted bell peppers and cocoa. However, this wine can taste different in colder climates, for example in areas such as the Loire Valley of France, the wine can taste higher in acidity and have more tart flavors. The grapes for this specific wine are stored in steel tanks, preventing change in aroma and taste. This specific wine delivers an elegant and floral profile, with light scents of peonies and dried fruit. It is a well-balanced, well-bodied, and refreshing wine. TuttoToscana dishes such as the liver paté with figs, moscato, and pan brioche, or pasta with yellowfin tuna and wild fennel will pair well with this Bolgheri because the light meats, such as chicken and fish, will complement the fruity and juicy taste of this wine.

Poggio al Tesoro: Rosso Toscano Mediterra IGT
By Daniel Kivel-Goldstein

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Mediterra fully reflects the characteristics of the Bolgheri area, showing an extraordinary balance between the freshness of the aromas and warm and powerful flavors. This wine is ruby red in color with violet reflections. This wine is medium to full-bodied as is typical of a Cabernet Sauvignon based blend, with its spicy notes coming from the Syrah/Shiraz grape. Most of the
lighter fruity undertones can be traced back to the presence of Merlot in the blend. This wine is quite balanced, quite tannic, and bears distinct notes of oak, tobacco, and chocolate. It is a very fruity wine which boasts aromas of blackberries, plums and cherries are crossed by spicy notes of white pepper and herbs. On the palate it is fresh, intense and quite persistent. I believe this wine would pair well with most meat dishes such as steak, cured meats, and medium aged cheeses such as pecorino. It may also pair well with fresh fish in a lighter tomato sauce.