Tutto Toscana 2023: Gala Dinner Menu

Cantabric anchovies are part of this year's gala dinner menu.
Farmer butter and salted cantabric anchovy on turmeric bread.
One of the antipasti rom this year’s gala dinner.

The Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner stands out as a celebration of Tuscan cuisine that captures the essence of this remarkable region. This year’s theme, “Aroma of Tuscany,” has students taking center stage in the development and execution of this extraordinary culinary extravaganza.

Creating the Menu

The menus for the Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner are meticulously crafted by the chefs at the James Beard Culinary Institute during the summer months, following the precise timing indicated by James Beard himself, one of the masters of American cuisine. However, what truly makes this experience special is the involvement of the students, who become the true protagonists in recipe testing and execution in the James Beard style.

Students have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in their courses, working alongside the chefs to perfect each dish on the menu. This hands-on involvement allows students to refine their culinary skills and contribute significantly to the creation of an exceptional menu.

The Tuscan Experience

Guests at the Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner can expect an authentic and engaging culinary experience that captures the essence of Tuscany. The flavors remain true to the land of origin, with a variety of traditional and innovative dishes that evoke the unique atmosphere of the Italian region.

The evening culminates in the “gala dinner,” a highlight of the event where guests can fully immerse themselves in Tuscan culture and cuisine. The food is prepared using high-quality ingredients and presented impeccably to provide a memorable culinary experience.

Special Ingredients

One of the highlights of this year’s menu is the pairing of turmeric-infused bread with butter and Cantabrian anchovies. This flavor combination offers a tasty introduction to the Tuscan dishes that follow and demonstrates the creativity of the chefs and students in blending tradition and innovation.

The Must-Try Dish

Among all the outstanding dishes that make up the “Aroma of Tuscany” menu at the James Beard Culinary Institute’s Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner, one of the most intriguing is the broccoli cannelloni. The pairing with shrimp and almond curd creates a unique and satisfying combination of flavors and textures. This dish represents the bold and creative approach of the James Beard Culinary Institute to Tuscan cuisine, highlighting the versatility of local ingredients.

In conclusion, the Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner at the James Beard Culinary Institute offers an extraordinary opportunity for students to put their culinary skills into practice and for guests to immerse themselves in an authentic and captivating culinary experience. With student involvement, special ingredients, and unique dishes, this evening promises to be an exceptional culinary event that celebrates Tuscan cuisine in all its splendor.