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Tutto Toscana 2023: Gala Dinner Menu

The Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner stands out as a celebration of Tuscan cuisine that captures the essence of this remarkable region. This year’s theme, “Aroma of Tuscany,” has students taking center stage in the development and execution of this extraordinary culinary extravaganza. Creating the Menu The menus for the Tutto Toscana Gala Dinner are meticulously […]

TuttoToscana 2023: The student team

Here’s the team of students involved in the program for the 2023 edition of TuttoToscana: Lauren Tippen Emily Decking Sofia Gigliotti Bryan Berkowitz Megan Sullivan Fabiana Chavez Samantha Farr  Breanna Williams Asherdee Diamond 

TuttoToscana 2023

The TuttoToscana team is getting ready to host a week full of events between the 25th and the 29th of September. We’ve asked Simone DeCastro, the Apicius faculty member who is leading the program, to share some insights into this year’s organization. How does it feel to be back organizing TuttoToscana? Organizing Tutto Toscana is […]