Whole wheat Fusilli With Tuna, Olives, Capers and Fennel

Looking for a quick dish to fix yourself a nice lunch? This latest recipe developed by Apicius’s students and faculty will save your weekday meals with a simple yet nutritious dish.


200 g Fresh tomato sauce
50 g Leccino olives
50 g Capers
20 g Fennel seeds
4 cloves of Chopped garlic
40 g Chopped parsley
1 small Chilly pepper
500 g Canned tuna


In a large pan sauté for 1 min the garlic with chilly, add the fennel seeds, afterwards add tomato sauce, olives and capers previously rinsed. Bring down the heat allowing the sauce to simmer 10 minutes. Once cooked turn off the heat, add the tuna and parsley, followed by the fusilli.

Serve in a plate with a sprinkle of parsley to taste.