An Acquired Taste

By Sarah Mirisola and Adanna Padda

The theme at “AperiGanzo” this week was “raw food”. The aperitif was also the occasion for another special event: the “AperiArt”. This art exhibition held once a month, where an emerging artist can display their work, distinguishes Ganzo from any other restaurant.
Before the aperitivo started, the artist who was displaying his work explained the concepts behind his paintings. While we were listening to his explanation, I noticed that there was a unique and eclectic vibe at this aperitivo. The music was very up-beat and the guests were all talking animatedly, having a good time. Everyone also seemed to be happy with the food that was being served. Looking at Table 21 specifically there was a different atmosphere from the other tables, more serious and professional. The artist was sitting at Table 21 with his colleges and friends. The food that they were being served was gourmet raw food: a beef tartar on a bun, ceviche, raw veal with a fig marsala and a salad. Each of these meals being served at Table 21 was very different and they each had their own special flavor. The students working in the kitchen told us that the dishes were inspired by different regions in Italy. There were also some dishes that were not classics of Italian cuisine, but they were prepared in an Italian style. The beef tartar was very interesting to taste because it was extremely different from a cooked piece of beef on a bun and the taste of an American hamburger, which we are used to. The beef tartar was served with a sauce which had a sweet flavor. The next dish was the raw veal with a fig marsala sauce. There were radishes and garnishes on top. The taste of the raw meat had a nice contrast with the sweet fig marsala. The meal was cold and altogether flavorful. The salad was full of fruit and vegetables such as pears, carrots, and radishes. The salad was very light compared to the other raw meals being served at Table 21. The chef told us that his favorite meal of the evening was the beef tartar served on a bun. We agreed with him, that was also our favorite meal. Altogether, the meal and the vibe at this “AperiArt” were unique and engaging.