Italy loves…Cheese!

Say Cheese!

By Taryn Vasquez and Liana Zamora
Tonight, on October 16th, the theme at Ganzo’s aperitivo is: Italy loves…Cheese! but used in an unorthodox way. We were presented with three dishes. The first on the left was a one-bite dish that included a potato chip, white fish, goat cheese and a green puree on the bottom. This was personally my favorite dish because it has all of the elements and flavors a dish could have. It was crunchy, creamy, salty, sweet and savory. We also thought that this dish was also unique in that it combined cheese and fish, which is rarely ever seen together if at all. However, this particular combination happened to work very well and it is not something we would think of. The second dish was a twist on cheesecake, it was an upside down savory cheesecake. The bottom was a fruit compote, the middle was a ricotta cheese and herbs and the top was a cracker crumble. We really liked this savory take on cheesecake the flavors combined very nicely. It was not something that we had ever really thought to do before and would definitely try again. Finally, the last dish was also savory, a creme brûlée. This had more of a toasted flavor and was topped with a piece of fruit. Although this still had good flavor, it was not my favorite of all of the dishes, it did not have too much of a savory flavor as we think that the chef was trying to achieve. Overall, we really liked Ganzo and the experience it provided. There were many different drink options which all looked well put together. The other dishes that were not at Table 21 were varied: two types of pasta, different finger sandwiches, sautéed vegetables, chicken wings and a salad with octopus. We think that Ganzo is a great success and we know it will continue to be so.