Tavolo 21

Traditional Tuscan Pasta

Sarah Mirisola and Adanna Padda This week’s theme at Ganzo’s Wednesday aperitivo was traditional Tuscan pasta bake dishes. There were three different kinds of pasta dishes being served to Table 21 and each one represented a different element of Tuscan cuisine: such as seafood, meat, cheese, and vegetables. There were many familiar faces at Table […]

We Love Green!

By Liz Katsoulis This week at Ganzo the theme in the kitchen was the color green! Chef Filippo told me the reason behind the theme. Chef Filippo is very passionate about being a chef. He is 30 years old and he is in his last year in the Master’s program at FUA-AUF. Additionally, he is […]

An Acquired Taste

By Sarah Mirisola and Adanna Padda The theme at “AperiGanzo” this week was “raw food”. The aperitif was also the occasion for another special event: the “AperiArt”. This art exhibition held once a month, where an emerging artist can display their work, distinguishes Ganzo from any other restaurant. Before the aperitivo started, the artist who […]

Italy loves…Cheese!

By Taryn Vasquez and Liana Zamora Tonight, on October 16th, the theme at Ganzo’s aperitivo is: Italy loves…Cheese! but used in an unorthodox way. We were presented with three dishes. The first on the left was a one-bite dish that included a potato chip, white fish, goat cheese and a green puree on the bottom. […]


By Kameron Bowling and Samantha Simons We have been in Ganzo just a few times, but we have to say the Aperitivo Wednesday was exquisite. The theme of the night was “It’s Party TIme” and they lived up to that title. The Atmosphere when you talked in was fun and joy filled. The Servers and bartenders […]


By Eden Brock and Lauren StrandThis week at the Ganzo aperitivo, we took part in the theme, “Grill, Smoke, Burn, Roast,” which had to do with various types of foods cooked in these manners. The dishes were prepared by Lilian Haung, a third-year FUA culinary student with a keen insight into the art of the […]


By Andrew Foss and Caitlyn ConettaOur night at Ganzo’s aperitivo entailed cocktails, a small bite to eat, and conversations with the culinary masterminds behind the specialty “aperitivo” prepared for Table 21. The theme of this week’s “AperiGanzo” was vegetables – redefined. Each of the dishes prepared were contemporary interpretations of traditional salad and vegetable dishes. […]

Raw Fish

By Madison Ross And on this weeks edition… RAW FISH! This week’s theme at Ganzo had to be my personal favorite. Raw fish is the perfect way to welcome the upcoming season with some delicious, colorful plates. Italian’s are said to love raw fish because once you cook it in anyway, almost all of the […]

Throwback Week @ Ganzo

By Carson Light The theme of this weeks ‘AperiGanzo’ at the Ganzo restaurant was Counterculture, with 60s and 70s influences. A main part of this time period was that post-war, more foods were available in surplus, i.e. store bought mayonnaise, milk, and pre-made sauces. Foods that were primarily Italian began to infiltrate other countries and […]

Dystopia and Italian Cuisine

By Amanda Smith This past Wednesday, I went to Ganzo and was able to join table 21 and taste the delightful aperitivo. The theme of the Ganzo event this week was dystopia. The chef gave us a brief introduction of the time period and what was taking place in Italy during this time. He explained […]

Junk Food

By Maddie Poulin and Zoe Palminteri There was already a line at the door of Ganzo when the restaurant opened for Aperi-Ganzo at 6:00pm on Wednesday night, and it didn’t take long for the space to fill up with hungry students, professors, and members of the public. This week’s theme was linked with the idea […]

Recipes from Apicius at Table 21

By Georgi Macomber This week the dishes of Ganzo’s Wednesday evening aperitivo were inspired by the recipes from Apicius, the oldest surviving collection of recipes. Apicius, named after Marcus Gavius Apicius and compiled around the 4th century AD, holds a collection of Roman recipes that follows Apicius’ value of using the finest ingredients to create […]

The Big Night

By: Victoria LeBlanc  The Italian Sounding theory runs rampant in the United States, with companies marketing their food and products as classically Italian, though they would never be found on actual Italian soil. This week at AperiGanzo, thetheme for Table 21 was Big Night, a movie based on this very concept. In the film, two […]

Bite Size Me

By Mary Claire Ickes and Stephen GargasIn 2004, Morgan Spurlock’s film “Super Size Me” became a popular topic of discussion among dietitians, fast food fans, and education professionals in America.Spurlock ate McDonald’s fast food for 30 days and filmed his experience. Viewers marvel and gasp in disgust as Morgan Spurlock struggles to eat only McDonald’s, […]


By: Morgan Duncan and Sam EberlyWhen we walked into Ganzo, we were both pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant. It was cool and casual and a great place to have conversations with new faces. We had the pleasure of meeting with one of the chefs, Lorenzo. He took us step by […]

Veni Vidi Mangia!

By Rosie Crave and Bailey Davis Ganzo goes beyond the impressive food & themed dishes. Ganzo is about the talent of students and the knowledge of their professors who challenge them to new boundaries. Each week the students are given a different theme or recipe by the head chef and they create different dishes for […]

A Theme That Leaves You Hungry for More

BY VICTORIA CANADA + CAITLIN CLONAN Why stay in your comfort zone when you can let your creativity shine? AperiGANZO allows students in the Master Program at the APICIUS School of Hospitality to do just that. Each week students are challenged to create dishes that fit within the theme chosen by the Head Chef, Massimo […]

Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham

By SIMON BRADY + LAUREN BUSARDO Aperiti-what? Aperiti-who? Aperitivo! An Italian cocktail hour where for a couple of hours people can relax and for a few euros buy drinks and get a bonus of either a plate of snacks served to their table or access to a small buffet of food. This occurs at FUA’s […]