Raw Fish

By Madison Ross
And on this weeks edition… RAW FISH! This week’s theme at Ganzo had to be my personal favorite. Raw fish is the perfect way to welcome the upcoming season with some delicious, colorful plates. Italian’s are said to love raw fish because once you cook it in anyway, almost all of the nutrients are extracted. Fortunately at Ganzo this week, you will have a yummy and satisfying aperitivo full of vitamins and energy! “Pesce Crudo”, which translates to “raw fish”, is home to Italy’s coastline and then freshly presented to you on a plate! Some of the main ingredients on this week’s Ganzo edition included cured sardines, fresh salmon, white fish tartare, and a mixture of calamari and white fish topped with some crunch. This week at Ganzo was an aperitivo that you did not want to miss! Sushi is my all time absolute favorite, making this week’s aperitivo so special.