Italian Tapas

Review by Lucy Mae Rascoe, Mary Britt Marsh, Elizabeth Sisk, Mary Lienesch, Claire Hauck, Mikaela Durben
This was our first time at a specifically Mediterranean tapas restaurant, and we really enjoyed the experience. Not only was the food delicious, but the service was quick, friendly, and attentive. The waitress did a good job of trying to explain the menu items to us; she was happy to recommend and let us try her favorites, and we were not disappointed. We also enjoyed the style of tapas. We liked being able to have a small taste of a bunch of different plates. Italian Tapas had a more modern feel than we expected. The ambiance was both sophisticated and fun. Our waiter was very friendly and seemed passionate about the food when we asked for recommendations. One of us ordered the rice, potatoes and mussels as well as the stuffed gnocchi. The food was delicious. We could tell that the sauce used for the gnocchi was fresh, and the use of pecorino cheese made the dish flavorful. We had never thought to put mussels, rice, and potatoes together, but it was a great combination in the way all three absorb the sauce and general flavors. The meats and cheeses were made in Tuscany, and they were all very fresh and a nice cool temperature. It was interesting to see which meats and cheeses paired well with each other. After we finished our cheese board, our waitress suggested their sautéed onions and veggies which were all delicious and had a lot of flavor. Everything tasted very fresh. For dessert, we tried our waitress’s favorite which was a chocolate soufflé with Nutella. The soufflé was slightly dry but adding the Nutella made it really good.
This was some of our favorite food that we have had in Florence. We would definitely recommend it, and already have to several of our friends. We specifically recommend this restaurant to individuals who maintain a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, because it can be difficult to find restaurants that satisfy everyone’s needs, and Italian Tapas is a great solution. The prices were very reasonable and the atmosphere, service, and food were very enjoyable and of high quality. The staff did an excellent job attending to us and the atmosphere was cozy and inviting as well.

Italian Tapas
Address: Via Sant’Agostino, 11/r
Tel. 055 098 2738
Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday: 3:00-11:30pm; Thursday-Friday: 3:00pm-12:30am; Saturday: 12:30pm-12:30am; Sunday: 12:30-11:30pm. Closed Mondays