Osteria dei Pazzi

Review by Josi Tiffany, Declan Rae, Amanda Laugeni, Emily Morrow
Osteria Dei Pazzi is conveniently located near piazza Santa Croce. The owner of the osteria welcomes you with his singing voice and brings an overall warm feeling to his place. The service was great and both the owner and waiter were friendly and fast. We were waited on right away, were able to ask questions about the menu and received helpful responses. The owner served our dishes to the table in a fun manner with a smile. The overall service experience of this osteria was excellent, leaving us all to agree that we would return for another meal.
The meals were great as well. All of the dishes were traditional Italian meals. For the appetizer, we ordered a cheese platter that you can easily share with 4 people. It came with a sweet chilli that contrasted the strong taste of the cheese.
The first course meal was Tagliatele alla Bolognese. The pasta came out from a warm to hot temperature. The meat in the meat sauce was cooked just right it had a nice color. The amount of sauce with the noodles was perfect. It wasn’t overbearing with flavor either.
The second course meal was a chicken breast with cooked spinach. The chicken had no breading and was thoroughly cooked. It was covered in a light sauce that added a creamy texture to counteract the simple cooking method of the chicken. The spinach had a nice texture and was pleasantly warm as well.
The dessert was a perfect way to end the meal. It was a vanilla pudding with dark chocolate and nuts on top. This dessert was light and can easily eat with a big dinner.
Overall this was a great meal as well as experience. It was unique in that the owner sings as he welcomes you. At no time did I feel unwelcomed. The restaurant has a very relaxing and cozy feeling. We all really enjoyed the food as it had unbelievable flavors. It offered a large selection of food and the food came in large portions. We would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for a nice meal with a wonderful atmosphere. We are all really looking forward to going back before leave Florence.

Osteria dei Pazzi
Via Dei Lavatoi, 1
Tel. 055 234 4880
Hours: Lunch 12:30-2:45pm; Dinner 7:30-10:45pm. Open daily