Kalimera L’Angolo Greco

Review by Jordan Schwartz, Olivia Enscoe, Allison Edmonds, Scott Desmarais, Hannah Etter, Leah Greenberg
We immediately recognized the shop with the Greek letters on the window and all of the greenery out front. Entering into Kalimera, we were immediately welcomed by the owner. The first thing he did was move together a few tables to accommodate us. The restaurant was very Greek themed with the traditional color scheme of blue and white. It was very nautical with images of the ocean, boats, beaches, and different places in Greece. The environment was very inviting as everyone seemed to be very friendly with one another. He next customers that walked in appeared to be close friends with the owner, because they exchanged hugs with a grand welcoming.
Our server, who was the owner of the establishment, gave us plenty of time and space while we were deciding what to eat, and he gave us recommendations despite the language barrier. The food came out fairly quickly and every dish exceeded our expectations. Since this place seems authentic, we had high expectations and they delivered. We ordered one appetizer, four main dishes, and two desserts to share. Having only paid around 15 euro per person, it was reasonably priced for the amount of food that we received. We recommend this place to anyone who is looking to try something a little different from the Italian cuisine. One of the main appealing things, besides the food, was how quickly the restaurant filled up. This was a clear indication that although this was a tiny and somewhat secluded restaurant, it was known to the people that this was a quality place to spend your money and time with your friends and family.
The quality of the meal was phenomenal. The menu was separated by the three lunch options. There was a section for different variations of hummus, another section for appetizers, and a section for main dishes. There was also a menu on a large chalk board. Two of the members of the group went to the restaurant for lunch, and the other four people went for dinner. For lunch, we had the lunch special: We ordered the polpettine di carne meal, which are meatballs with different kinds of herbs, polpettine di formaggio, dolmadakia, insalata greca, patate arrosto, tzatziki, and pita. For dessert, we had karydopita, which is a Greek dessert primarily made from walnuts and covered in a sweet syrup. The dessert also came with a sweet wine. Our other group members started out with hummus, which was called “Salse Greche.” They also ordered the “Kafteri,” which was described as salsa di feta con pepperoncino, and it was served with a traditional pita. For the main courses, they asked the server what some of his favorite were and he recommended the octopus, Greek meatballs, potatoes, and Greek salad, a side of baked yellow potatoes and a beet paste. The Greek salad was unique from ones we have had at home. It was very delicious, and we could tell that all of the vegetables in it were fresh. However, there was no lettuce, which goes to show how authentic this place truly is. Overall, this quaint place had delicious food, and with its clientele being locals, it really enlightened the overall experience. I think we can all agree that we will be going back for their delicious and authentic meals.

Kalimera L’Angolo Greco
Borgo la Croce, 33/R
Tel.: 055 200 1719
Hours: Monday-Saturday Lunch 12:30pm-2:45pm; Dinner 7:30pm-10:30pm. Closed Sundays