Libreria Brac

3475-brac12_fotosabinabernacchiniReview by Annie Rooney
I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and experience dinning at the vegetarian restaurant Libreria Brac. This quaint little restaurant is tucked away amongst a library and bookshelves, its location is just as much a secret treasure as it’s delicious, with all vegetarian food dishes. The menu provided a great deal of variety with several unique salads and several pasta dishes to choose from. I opted for the avocado salad as my starter and their classic vegetarian lasagna as my entree. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my first dish was just as good as the next, tasting healthy and like fresh quality food. The salad came with a beautiful presentation and tasted as good as the rose shaped avocado slices looked. The avocado was laid on a bed of mixed greens with a tomatoes cream paste, serving as the dressing. It was excellent and fresh tasting, none of the flavors canceling out one another. My vegetable lasagna made me feel at home as it tasted extremely homemade, done a bit al dente and was stuffed with fresh spinach, cheese, and slathered in a homemade tomato cause. Yum!
The service was a bit slow but the atmosphere of this peaceful library made time pass quickly in a relaxing manor. Every other member at my table also thoroughly enjoyed their meals and said they would come back, so I would give all the dishes a high rating. Lastly the food was a little pricey with my total meal being 20 euro. However it is evident that everything is made from extremely fresh produce with love and care and you are getting what you pay for. I will certainly be returning to Brac, and would rate it as one of my favorite restaurants I have dinned at thus far in Florence as it eliminates the touristy aspects and stands apart for its unique flair of atmosphere and vegetarian food.

Libreria Brac
Via dei Vagellai, 18
Tel.055 094 4877
Hours: Monday-Saturday 12:00pm-Midnight