Review by Hannah Mattson, Sheridan Mcclure, Jake Nelson, Chris Preleski, Patrick Sullivan
Santarpia is a Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Firenze that our group had the pleasure of visiting. Upon first walking in, we were greeted with a modern atmosphere of dining and a lively crowd. People of all ages were eating, families as well as young adults and teens. The majority of customers, however, were Italians rather than tourists. We all agreed the initial atmosphere provided by Santarpia was a welcoming one.
We waited a few minutes for a seat because we happened to arrive at a lively time. After being seated, our server brought water right away and gave us menus. To start, a few members of the group ordered mozzarella in carrozza. It was delightful, crunchy on the outside with cheese on the inside. The antipasto came out quickly and was warm which was nice. It would be recommended for each member of the group to order their own mozzarella in carrozza because they are not very large and are 3 euros each.
For our primi piatti, we ordered the La Margherita pizze, the Burrata e Tartufo, the Salsiccia e Friarielli and the Gluten free La Marinara. It was refreshing to find a pizzeria that has gluten free pizza because some members of the group are slightly intolerant to gluten. All of the pizzas came out quite quickly and it was a lot of food! We noticed the pizza’s didn’t all come out at the same time, they came out one at a time as they were ready. This is different than what we are used to. Many places back home use hot lamps in order to hold food and bring everything out at the same time. It is nice to know that many Italian restaurants bring food out right away instead of letting it sit. Overall, it was some of the best pizza we have had thus far in Florence! Only two of us ordered dessert, and we ordered the Crème brulè con pere and the cheesecake. The crème brule was delicious and warm unlike other places we’ve tried around Florence. The cheesecake was quite average on the other hand and we all decided we probably would not try it again.
Overall, we very much enjoyed Santarpia. The average price for each person was around 20 euros. This is not too expensive considering the amount of food we received. The service was of high quality and the atmosphere was very agreeable. We all would say the pizza was very authentic Italian pizza as well. We would definitely recommend Santarpia to others and will most likely be back.

Largo Pietro Annigoni, 9
Tel.: 055 245829
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday: 7:30pm – 12:00am. Closed Mondays