Review by Halle Geoghegan, Kyle Paradis, Julia Dillon, Ciera Davis, Tessa Hollister, Seth Bruce
Vivanda is a restaurant located in the Oltrarno area that cateres to a local clientele and to anyone with organic, vegan, gluten, or vegetarian dietary preferences. The employees spoke English well, were able to suggest recommendations, and were attentive throughout the dining experience. We were generally satisfied with the taste of the dishes, but were more impressed with the plating and presentation of meals. Dishes were of good portion for the most part, and dessert was a standout. Meals were also consistently brought out in a timely manner from ordering.
Overall there is a general consensus of being extremely pleased with the unique combination and quality of the ingredients, in addition to the charming atmosphere and personable staff. We were pleased to have the coperto (cover charge) include a bread basket of three different types along with water. The restaurant also boasts a large wine selection and display, a cozy decor, and marketed their commitment to organic and local products in an effective manner.
In terms of the meals themselves, some of the main dishes did not seem to equate to their price (such as 14 euro for a main) when assessing the given portion, however the presentation made up for this small critique. Additionally, some of the dishes either lacked flavor or had a taste that was not something our palates were used to. For example, the licorice powder on the blue cheese gnocchi was a bit distracting from the other flavors at play, and the cabbage salad with apples and raisins was too bland. However, there were dishes that really blew us away: The purple cabbage dumplings stood out in a beautiful presentation, were of a great size as a starter, and had flavors and textures that married together in harmony. Additionally, the cabbage and buffalo cheese stuffed ravioli and cheesecake for dessert were real favorites that make us want to come back.
There was not an instance that would keep us from recommending this establishment to others. Instead, we certainly want to return thanks to the high level of care taken in preparing each dish, the inviting environment, and the handful of menu items that are exceptionally pleasing.

Address: Via Santa Monaca, 7
Tel: 055 238 1208
Hours: Open daily, Lunch 11:00am-3:00pm; Dinner 6:00pm-12:00am