Trattoria L’Ortone

Review by Erika Cristiano, Taylor Fellman, Katherine Jeffries, Madison Miller, Whitley Pearson, Madison Priest, Rachel Smoller
The atmosphere of L’Ortone was unique because of the different location options within the restaurant.  The bar is a perfect place to enjoy a drink before being seated.  If there is a wait for the table, guests are encouraged to wait in this area. The bar is rather dimly lit, but still welcoming and the bartenders are excellent conversationalists. The ground floor is the main dining space for smaller groups. It allows a lot of natural light and a feeling of privacy. The first floor is used mostly for events and much larger parties. The terrace would be a lovely place for a meal, however the weather was not appropriate when we ate here.
We were thoroughly impressed with the staff at L’Ortone. From the moment we walked in, the host greeted us with a smile and gave us her personal recommendations. Our server arrived promptly to take our drink order. This was refreshing, as there have been other restaurants where it takes much too long to be greeted by the waiter. Our waiter also gave his recommendations and answered all of our questions. The owner was always walking around and checking on tables. He introduced himself and made sure everything met our standards.
Each of us were very pleased with our meal. We did not know exactly what to expect at this establishment, but we assumed it would be like all of the other restaurants we have eaten at. However, there was something about L’Ortone that set it apart. The ingredients were clearly fresh and we could tell we were enjoying an authentic Tuscan meal. The meat dishes were cooked to the way we asked and the pasta tasted homemade. Everything we ordered was made with care and passion.
We all agreed that we would recommend this restaurant to other people.  We also said how much we would like to come back and try other dishes.  I would especially like to try the Florentine Steak, as it appears to be a specialty and has received incredible reviews online. L’Ortone definitely should be praised for authenticity of the meal, positive experiences we had with the service, and our desire to try more dishes in the future. Overall, our group really enjoyed this restaurant!  We all agreed that it was one of the best meals we have in Florence so far. Although it is not necessary, it would be wise to make a reservation to ensure a tablea especially if dining with a large group.

Piazza Ghiberti 87/red
Tel.: 055 234 0804
Hours: Lunch 12:15-3:00pm; Dinner 7:15-11:00. Open daily