Roasted Beef Carpaccio

By Bridget Bowers

This roasted beef carpaccio is the perfect Italian blend of texture and rich flavours that is ideal if you’re looking for the ultimate summer Italian dish to impress your guests. With a combination of flash frying and pureeing, this dish allows for precision and excellence, upgrading your culinary skills and adapting the art of presentation in your own creative style. Perfect for a dinner party or Venice-inspired lunch.

500g Beef Eye of Round
50g Carrots
50g Zucchini
50g Tropea Onions
1 Celery Stock
1 Bellpeppers
1Tbsp Sugar
1Tbsp Glucose
1Tbsp Pectine Jaune
1Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
1Tbsp Chilli Pepper
1Tbsp Garlic Powder
1Tbsp Ginger Powder
1Tbsp Smoked Paprika Powder
1Tbsp Rosemary
Salt to taste
Black Pepper to taste
3Tbsp Olive Oil

Start with the meat, trim the silver skin out of the eye of round and tie it with a string. Salt the beef very gently and add a pinch of garlic powder, ginger powder, smoked paprika powder and black pepper. Massage the meat, rubbing the spices into the beef. Place the beef into a sous vide bag with a branch of rosemary sprigs and an ounce of olive oil and add into a slow cooker at 57C for 5-6 hours. Once ready, take it out to cool immediately.
10 minutes before the beef is finished cooking, place the bell peppers in a slow juicer. Next, combine the bell pepper juice, the sugar, pectine and chilli and mix thoroughly. Then add the combination into a pan and let simmer until it reduces by half. Subsequently, add the vinegar and let it cook for five more minutes and let it sit until cool. For the vegetables, cut the carrots, zucchini, celery and tropea onions into batons and steam at 100C for 3 minutes. Allow to cool immediately and salt to taste. Before serving the beef, flash fry the top of the meat on medium to low heat until it’s nicely caramelised. Once the bell pepper juice is finished, puree with a blender and salt to taste. Lastly, strain the puree before serving.