Steamed Veal Fillet With Romaine Lettuce Dressing, Light Pecorino Fondue

By Charlotte Witts

 Many people seem to have a fixed idea of what fondue is: a shared meal consisting of small chunks of bread and a pot full of melted cheese. However, fondue is extremely versatile and can be accompanied by many types of meat, including beef, chicken or ham. Though it can be argued that the best company for fondue is veal due to its rich flavour and tender texture. Not only is veal a nutritional powerhouse with its high amounts of protein and iron, but its low percentage of fat makes it a great way to cut calories. With this meal, we’ll show you how easy it is to eat delicious food without sacrifice.   


For the veal- 
1.5kg veal fillet, trimmed
Thyme as needed, finely chopped
Garlic, Salt and pepper to taste.

For the romaine dressing-
100g romaine lettuce leaves (green external leaves), coarsely chopped
20g chives
20g mint leaves
10g tarragon leaves
5g basil leaves 
50g buttermilk
30g parmigiano reggiano, grated
10g anchovy fillets
10g capers
50g extra virgin oil
60g basmati rice

For the fondue-
100ml milk
60g fresh pecorino, grated


Start by seasoning the fillet with salt and pepper, and rub with thyme and garlic. Then, roll the fillet into a plastic film and cook in a steam oven with a probe. Cook at 90°C until it reaches 42°C internal temperature. After, remove this from the oven and allow it to rest for 15 minutes.

For the romaine dressing, boil the basmati rice in 150g water and set aside. Separate the crunchy internal leaves of the romaine lettuce. Blanch the green and immediately cool in iced water. Squeeze the excess water.Then, combine the cooked greens with buttermilk, parmigiano reggiano, anchovy fillets and capers. Blend this with extra virgin olive oil. In case the sauce is too thin, blend together 70g of boiled basmati rice or thicken with xanthan gum. Season to taste with lemon juice and salt if necessary.

For the fondue, heat the milk to a simmer and pour in the pecorino. Blend and strain. Allow this to cool at room temperature and add salt if necessary. Slice the fillet and lay on the serving plate. Dress with Maldon sea salt. Decorate the dish with the lettuce heart leaves and the seasonal vegetables. Dress with the cold romaine dressing, some drops of pecorino fondue, pepper, thyme leaves and a few drops of EVOO to finish. Serve up and enjoy!