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TuttoToscana 2018 features My Dolce Vita by Andrea Mancini

By Isabella Orana and Ruby Rappaport Arts and Places: From Renaissance Florence to the Contemporary Metropolis students give us a taste of TuttoToscana’s featured artist in New York City and the concept of the work exhibited.  Andrea Mancini is the featured artist for the TuttoToscana art exhibition that will be hosted by Katie Rosenberg in […]

What “La Dolce Vita” Means to Me

By Quinn Bauld Artwork by Andrea Mancini Creative writing student Quinn Bauld explores this year’s TuttoToscana theme.  La dolce vita is rather a lifestyle, a glamorous depiction that anyone can be free and live their best life. It means by definition “life of heedless pleasure and luxury.” The theme for this year’s James Beard Foundation […]