Tuna tartare with bufala mozzarella, coconut sauce, lime and chili pepper

Tuna tartare usually consists of finely chopped raw tuna that can be prepared and served in a variety of ways. Initially, tartare was created as a French dish and was often prepared with beef. But since its conception, it has evolved time and time again to include certain meat or fish you desire. Tartare is often served at fine dining eateries, and fits right in with Apicius’ Spring menu. Here’s how to make Apicius’ interpretation of this elegant classic.

Serves 1
50 gr Savoy cabbage
90 gr Tuna
White wine for cooking
Citrus Air
120 gr lime juice
80 gr lemon juice
8 gr sugar
2 gr salt
2 gr Lecitine (1.7%)
0.4 gr Xanthan gum (0.3%)
Chili peppers (to taste)
250 gr water
50 gr sugar
5 gr salt
Bufala & Coconut Sauce
150 gr buffalo mozzarella
200 gr mozzarella water
80 gr coconut milk

When preparing the chili peppers, slice the peppers and cook sous vide at 85°C with a syrup made of the water, sugar and salt. Set aside until ready to serve. To prepare the bufala and coconut sauce, puree the ingredients together until smooth and add salt to taste. You can also adjust the flavor to your liking, adding coconut milk if necessary. When ready the expected texture of sauce would be similar to a liquid yogurt. Next, slice the savoy cabbage julienne-style and stew them in a pan with olive oil, garlic, salt and white wine. For the tuna, finely chop and dress with olive oil, salt, pepper. To plate this dish, take the bufala and coconut sauce and pour it into the center of a pasta bowl. Next place the chopped savoy cabbage in the center and flatten with a spoon. Place the tuna tartare on top of the cabbage and garnish the sauce with chili and micro-greens. To finish, add the citrus air on the tartare.