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The Wines of TuttoToscana 2018: Capezzana

By Mary Ann Camarda Photo by Donald Blair  With only 100 square hectares of DOCG productive land in Carmignano, Capezzana is the biggest producer and yet compared to other large wineries around Tuscany, the farm remains quite untouched by time. It is run by Conti Contini Bonacossi family members, and considering that the 7 children of […]

The Wines of TuttoToscana 2018: Azienda Bruni Winery

By Sarah Reid, Joyce Myvett, and Keri O’Neill Photo by Donald Blair Tuscany and its Wines students delve into Azienda Bruni Winery.  Azienda Bruni Winery was founded in 1974 in the Tuscan city of Maremma. The property that the winery sits on was acquired by Leo Bruni and his son Paolo in 1955. At this time, […]

First Trial Dinner at Ganzo: Autumn in the 60’s

By Eva Bjorg Eyjolfsdottir and Delaney Goff Photo by authors The theme of Friday night’s Ganzo menu was “La Dolce Vita” which is this year’s theme at Tutto Toscana. The 1960’s were characterized by novelty and experimentation within the food industry. Although experimentation was incorporated into new dishes, traditional dishes still thrived. The menu is […]

Art and Places: From Renaissance Florence to the Contemporary Metropolis

Professor Lucia Giardino By Quinn Bauld, Alana Betancourt, and Bianca Carangelo Photo by Lisa Proteau Students of the Art and Places: from Renaissance Florence to Contemporary Metropolis class had their first encounter with Florentine artist Andrea Mancini to preview his artwork for the upcoming TuttoToscana event in NYC. Art and places are connected in countless ways. Art can […]