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Second Friday Trial at Ganzo

By Special Event Management Class In preparation for the TuttoToscana event week in NYC, FUA students hosted a successful second practice dinner at Ganzo for Florentine guests. The menu of the evening was composed of courses that can be found in both the Alumni dinner and Art Event menu, served at TuttoToscana 2018. The Amuse-bouche […]

First Trial Dinner at Ganzo: Autumn in the 60’s

By Eva Bjorg Eyjolfsdottir and Delaney Goff Photo by authors The theme of Friday night’s Ganzo menu was “La Dolce Vita” which is this year’s theme at Tutto Toscana. The 1960’s were characterized by novelty and experimentation within the food industry. Although experimentation was incorporated into new dishes, traditional dishes still thrived. The menu is […]