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Osteria del Cocotrippone

Review by Haley Frasca, Lauren Fromin, Julia Ripperton, Charlotte Filardi, Kelly Hauk This small, quiet restaurant is located on Via Gioberti, an easy spot to get to, although it is away from the busy city center. This made the experience better because it got us away from the tourists and into an area where the […]


By Kate Rickard Photo courtesy of FUA At Ganzo, Apicius’ creative learning lab, students and faculty create high quality, versatile and seasonal menus. The learning lab is special to the school and represents an approach to experimental and hands-on learning. FUA holds Ganzo close to its heart when it comes to teaching students the flavors […]

How to Create the Perfect Cappuccino

By Kaylyn Render I spent time at the Fedora School Pastry Shop in Florence doing research on how to create the perfect cappuccino. Students Emily and Gladice gave me the scoop on how they create the perfect cappuccino, common mistakes when making a cappuccino, and secret tricks that help them create a flawless cappuccino every […]

Trattoria Marione

Review by Chelsea Keane, Caroline McCowen, John Hanifin, Kelly Huntley, and  Sabrina Ciullo For us, the establishment was definitely easy to reach and the walk to this establishment was scenic, which made it very enjoyable. From our experience visiting Trattoria Marione, the clientele seemed to definitely be more traditional, and had many locals. There seemed […]

Trattoria Zio Gigi

Review by Sterling Swift, Eryn Brinitzer, Annie Letizia, Anastasia Finney, and Nick Tyndall Trattoria Zio Gigi is a quaint, inviting establishment lying in the shadows of the Florentine Duomo. The first thing I noticed upon arriving at Zio Gigi was how packed the restaurant was, my first sign that it was going to be an enjoyable […]

Arà: è Sicilia

Review by Anna Renkert, Gabriella Mansilla, Louis Andreacchio, & Thomas Alessandrello You cannot miss walking past Arà: è Sicilia; with its modern décor and lighting, it is very easy to be attracted to its doors, and If that doesn’t get you, maybe the assortment of sweets, pastries and gelato flavors displayed will get you to […]

Trattoria Diladdarno

Review by Grayson Glazer, Abby Hyson, Andrew Hazelip, Amanda Carofano Trattoria Diaddarno was easy to find and only a short walk to the other side of the Arno. The trattoria is tucked away from the main tourist attracting restaurants. Our group arrived just as it opened and were the first customers of the night. The […]

Odysseia Ristorante Greco

Review by Daniela Roberto, Allyson Quinn, Juliana Runnels, Jordan Semel, Alex Rohmann Odysseia is outside of the city center, but easy to reach, and we had an excellent experience. Upon entering, the cosy atmosphere and white and blue decor made it feel very authentic, as if on the island of Mykonos. The staff greeted us […]

From Farm to Table Restaurants in Florence; Keep Your Friends Close and Your Farmer Closer.

Review by Karla Oliveira Silva, Alma Limon, Nicole Fish, Allison McKone Eating local was not always something people sought out. It was all we had, in the beginning of civilization. What seems like privilege now used to be the way of life. Eat what you grow, grow the foods and vegetables that work best in […]

Trattoria/Osteria Da Quei Ganzi

Review by Cassidy Williams, Benedetta Marra, Dylan Ferri, Marisa Talarico, Jonathan Ieraci Osteria/Trattoria Da Quei Ganzi is located conveniently in the Santa Croce district, on via Ghibellina. Reservations are recommended for this small, local place, but it is not necessary during the week. Waiters and staff are helpful and quick throughout the dinner service. Upon […]

Farm-to-Table & Italian Society: A Deeper Look

By Patrice Grande, Nicole Decosta, Leeya Mengistu, and Olivia Huff There are many phrases to describe one’s diet–vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian– the latest trend of these being climatarian. According to the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, the “climatarian culture” has made its way to the millennials of Italy. But what is the climatarian lifestyle, and […]

Miso di Riso BioBistro

Review by Alexandra Rippe As I was walking around the Santa Croce area one day, I stumbled upon a beautiful restaurant that was covered in plants and trees. Intrigued, I walked in and it turned out to be a vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotico, and crudista place called Miso di Riso Biobistro. The day I was walking […]

Trattoria Pandemonio

Review by April Duretti Pandemonio is located in the Oltrarno area of Florence, about two blocks away from the river on a more residential street. It is a small family owned restaurant, so depending on the time you go, reservations may be needed. The restaurant is a family friendly environment, with none of the normal […]

Pizzeria Spera

Review by Erin Burr & Jordan Tewes Pizzeria Spera is outside of the city center, so it takes a little more effort to reach. However, it offers a very local “feel” and will not disappoint its customers with the best pizza around. Whether you want a pizza with all sorts of toppings or unique combinations […]

Corno d’Africa

Review by Jamie Bernstein Attending dinner at Corno D’Africa was an extremely unique and culturally enhancing experience, as I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and explore an area and food type that I was not previously familiar with. Corno D’Africa literally means horn of Africa and has the intention of raising […]

Gelateria Badiani

Review by Bridget Thomson My experience at the Badiani Gelateria was a very good one. Our group met at the Duomo and walked to the gelateria. The walk from the Duomo was about 30 minutes. However, once we had the gelato the walk was well worth it! When we arrived at Badiani we noticed it […]

Pasticceria Sieni

Review by Christina Greico I really enjoyed my Pasticceria Sieni experience. It was very easy to find since it is right behind the stands of the central leather market. The store was very nice, beautifully decorated, and overall extremely classy. We first sat down before eating to observe the atmosphere. For the time we were […]

Ristorante dei Fagioli

Review by Hannah Zickel Ristorante dei Fagioli is a very traditional Italian restaurant and the clients were mainly locals but there was also a good amount of tourists that come for a typical Italian meal. Reservations are highly recommended, as we were almost not seated because we did not make one. Depending on what you order […]

Osteria Vecchio Cancello

Review by Olivia Hewitt, Catherine Heath, Marcus Hoskins, Alina Harestad, Sara Hudock The first thing we noticed about the restaurant was the atmosphere. It was a subtle mix of vintage antique shop and your cozy eclectic grandmother’s house – and somehow it all worked. It provided a great background for a great meal. Because this […]

Trattoria Mario

Review by Kailyn Smith, Emma Rhodes, Skylar Sorensen, Emily Russell, & Caroline Pidgeon We ate at Trattoria Mario on a Wednesday afternoon and arrived there right when it opened at 12pm. The establishment itself was very simple and you could tell the main focus was the food and not exactly the ambiance. The restaurant itself […]

Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi

Review by Lauren Gomez, Jennifer Follo, Jared Auton, & Christina Greico The atmosphere of this restaurant was really nice. It was dimly lit and had candles everywhere, adding to the mood. It was fairly crowded when we got there, and people continued to fill in as we ate; reservations are recommended. Many of the people […]

Pasticceria Dolcissima

Review by Sarah Martin The first thing you notice about Dolcissima as you walk in is the cleanliness and cuteness of the decorations and layout of the shop. The second thing you see is the huge display of beautifully assorted small chocolates, cookies, tarts, and pastries. As the shop is very small, only one woman […]

Ristorante La Giostra

Dining With Royalty: An Interview With La Giostra’s Ubaldo Tonarelli By Jennifer Canace and Rachael Grossman A “must-see” restaurant in the heart of Florence, La Giostra is a delectable dining option. The room is adorned with thousands of strands of dangling Christmas lights, greetings with a sparkling bianco, and old photos of Chef Tonarelli. The […]

Antica Pasticceria Castaldini

Review by Caitlin Eakley The Antica Pasticceria Castaldini a bakery/café located outside the city center. The shop was fairly small and you could look at all the pastries through glass and pick out which one you wanted. There were a few tables, and the decorations were small but very cute. The staff was small but […]