Florentine Foodie

Italian Tapas Rostobar

Review by: Brooke Nastasi, Isabel Napper, Lily Nguyen, Lucia Matteo, Caroline Murray When our group first approached the tapas restaurant, we thought it was going to be small. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the seating area extended far into the back and was very open. The interior was very modern and had a […]

Gelateria della Passera

Review by: Gabrielle Hartman, Marion Gardella, Devan Hampton, Lauren Hatteberg, Lexi HolcombeOur group visited the establishment at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon. There were several other customers at the Gelateria, but the line wasn’t too long. The inside of the shop was charming and welcoming. There are about 20 flavors to choose from, either made […]

TuttoToscana Final Wine Roundup

Our final capstone dinner for the James Beard Foundation audience was a successful evening. Below is a roundup of the other Allegrini wines from producers Poggio al Tesoro and San Polo that were featured at the dinner. Blogpost on the dinner coming soon! Bolgheri Superiore DOC Sondraia – Poggio al TesoroBy Su Yan Ying When […]

TuttoToscana Fundraising Event: Le Formiche Take Over NY!

By Monica Liu and Daniel Yacoubian On October 23, the second event of the TuttoToscana program was held at the 632onHudson venue. 632onHudson is a four-floor, refined, and artistic building with a rooftop space in the West Village. Guests arrived at 6pm to enjoy Poggio al Sole wines, Solosole and Mediterra. Our culinary team served […]

JBF Alumni Dinner – Reconnecting with Florence

By Monica Hu and Daniel Yacoubian The James Beard Foundation FUA-AUF Alumni Night, was a magical evening. Our guests, former Career and Study Abroad alums, checked in at 6pm and received Florence campus updates in the Alumni newsletter and table assignments divided according to Florentine squares. An Italian greeting, buonasera, and a glass of Solosole […]

The 2019 TT Team

By Monica Liu and Daniel YacoubianPhotos by David Weiss Every year, the TuttoToscana program allows students to bridge two cosmopolitan cities through hospitality and food management, with the objective of bringing Tuscan culture to NYC. We’re proud to present this year’s team and give you a preview of our BOH teammates, their passions, and how […]

Trattoria La Casalinga

By Marion Gardella, Gabrielle Hartman, Devan Hampton, Lauren Hatteberg, Alexa HolcombeOur group met at Trattoria Casalinga on a Tuesday night at 7:00pm. We made a reservation earlier that day because we were advised that it would be needed to eat dinner at this particular establishment. Once we arrived, we were surprised to see how many […]

Two of the Best Cafes in Florence for Abroad Students!

By Adanna Padda e Sarah MirisolaWhile studying abroad truly is a dream come true, it is safe to say that the negative effects of culture shock dotake a toll on a person! From the language barrier to the major lifestyle changes, there are many different areasin which one needs to get accustomed. One easy way to feel more comfortable in a new city is throughdiscovering delicious restaurants. A new sense of familiarity arises when you finally find restaurants which you like and can recommend to others. Two restaurants which I believe will satisfy every student studying abroad here in Florence are the Rooster Cafe and La Milkeria.Rooster cafe is a brunch restaurant with two locations in Florence. The food is delicious and the ambience is incredible. The […]

The Art of the Cookbook

By Julia McGovern Food books are anything but simple. Everything I thought I knew about food books has pretty much turned out to not be true, as the industry is complex and multi-faceted. To begin with, a food book’s format speaks volumes about the type of book it is. There are smaller books with few to no photos, there […]

Intro to Watercolor Takes to the Streets

The students of the Introduction to Watercolor course, taught by our TT 2019 featured artist Andrea Mancini, have been hitting the streets of Florence to work on the “Memories of Tuscan Garden” theme.


Review by Katie Wrenn Lambert, Stephanie Lawrenson, Haley Les, Nicole Lipke, and Georgi MacomberI’Pizzacchiere is a small pizzeria on Via San Miniato. It is in a small square with many seemingly popular restaurants, but wasn’t overly crowded inside. As customers walk up to the door they are greeted by a very friendly employee. He was […]


By Shannon HughesThe theme of this weeks ‘AperiGanzo’ at the Ganzo restaurant was Vintage Italian. This vintage Italian specifically focused on food dishes from the dark period of Italian Gastronomy after World War two transitioning to a new glory. There were four dishes highlighted for the night: Fried paccheri rigatoni, broiled veal with fennel salad, […]


By Grace Canty and Chelsea ClowerOftentimes people associate a bookstore with being boring or not the most exciting place to spend their free time, however this perception could be changed with the addition of bars and restaurants to bookstores. Bars and restaurants add not only a social appeal, but it also adds a sense of […]


By Kelly Price, Alexis Porter, Avril Payne, Maggie Reyes, Jessica Perlman The customers at #Raw were a mix of locals and tourists, all connected through a common lifestyle or diet. This establishment appeals to a lifestyle, not a specific nationality (local Italians or tourists). It is a vegan café which is fully Gluten and Dairy […]

First impressions on a Florentine foodie’s habits

By Emily Boyer & Samantha Burkett Florentine and Italian cuisine in general is known for its diversity at a geographical level, as well as it’s abundance of taste and seasonings, but its main characteristic is its simplicity. One thing that I’ve noticed about the dishes here is that chefs count on the quality of the ingredients […]

Pizzeria Ristorante i Tarocchi

Review by Meaghan Hunter, Stephanie Isidorio, Hannah Kohl, Alana Keenan, Odri Hernandez Pizzeria Ristorante I Tarocchi is a very enjoyable restaurant for customers of all types. ​Depending on where you live in Florence it may be more of a walk to get there, but we can all confidently say that it was worth it. On […]

How To Be a Vegetarian in Florence

By Madison Ross Italy is said to be the home of the finest cured meats in the world. From stuffing your face with some delicious prosciutto and crackers, to eating pounds of spaghetti, you are almost always promised that your meat is of the best quality. Some may ask how vegetarians survive in a place […]

Weird Food

By Madison Marshall Very weird food in Florence… When one thinks about food in Italy, the usual suspects that come to mind include dishes such as home-made pasta, mouth-watering margherita pizzas, and fresh seafood. However, a new restaurant that has just opened in Florence has been catching a lot of “buzz” recently. The restaurant, wittily […]

Recipes That Taste Like Home

By Sarah Smith and Amanda Smith One of the best childhood memories I have is my mom in the kitchen with her bright red apron on stirring a simmering pot and getting dinner ready for all four of us children. Being the only girl, I wanted to be just like my mom and would be […]

Pizzeria Da Gherardo

Review by Rhiannon Routh, Emily Garven, Elena Potts, Jessa Benson, Reaghan Fisher, Michael Swetnam Pizzeria Da Gherardo is a small hidden gem just across the Arno River away from the busy streets of Florence. Da Gherardo is about a minute walk from the beautiful and historic Ponte Vecchio bridge, and has a wide variety of […]


By Georgi Macomber C.BIO is a casual organic shop that sells fresh organic produce, prepared meals, raw meats, pastries, breads, desserts, jams, and beverages, etc. along with other organic non-food products. As soon as customers walk into the establishment they enter an extremely comfortable in the atmosphere. Everything is clean and organized but it gives […]


By: Sarah MahonStarbene is a specialty food store in Florence Italy that serves only gluten free pastries. They have a range of gluten free options from pastries to sandwiches. I enjoyed a chocolate croissant that was delicious! I have never attempted to eat gluten free and was skeptical of this establishment but it turned out […]

Pizzeria Il Vico del Carmine

Review by Lindsay Antaya, Janine Schwendemann, Charlotte Smith, William Gildea and Andrew BrazelOur group had a wonderful experience dining at Vico del Carmine. Before our meal, we were excited to attend a pizzeria as it is a favorite dish and a bit more casual. We made reservations online based on recommendations from past customers, and […]

Cooking shows: From past to present

By: Rachel Goodwin & Jamie WilliamsonFrom as early as the medieval times, food has been a way to show a family’s wealth, style, and general wellbeing. Food can be used to entertain, dazzle, or even can be used simply as a means of survival. Today, individuals travel the world to try foods from different cultures. However, […]