TuttoToscana – James Beard Foundation

Menu Close-up: 2016 JBF Dinner – The Medici Table

By Samantha Lucenti With this year being FUA’s 12th consecutive year being invited to the James Beard Foundation, the menu was decided to be a tribute to the Medici family. The Medici’s dynasty dominated the Italian and European political scene from the 15th to 18th centuries. The Medici family contributed to the cultural and artistic […]

Wine Sponsor: Castello Del Trebbio

By Gabriella Torcise A look at another one of our wine sponsors for Saturday’s JBF dinner. Castello Del Trebbio was created in 1184 by the famous Pazzi family of Florence. Their history is deeply rooted in Florentine culture, with a huge conspiracy looming over the family. In 1478 the Pazzi family did not like the […]

TuttoToscana Brigade Profiles: Baking and Pastry Part 1

By Brenna Boone, Samantha Lucenti and Gabriella Torcise Get to know the 2016 TuttoToscana brigade! We start with part 1 of our Baking and Pastry students. Auðbjörg Jörundsdóttir – Iceland Auðbjörg Jörundsdóttir was born and raised in Iceland. She grew up on a farm where her family raises horses, and her mother owns her own […]

100% Family Owned: A Look at our Tour of Macari Vineyards

By Gabriella Torcise Fall is in full swing at the Macari Vineyards. We arrived to a beautifully colored backdrop of yellow, orange and red vines and a warm and welcoming family. The Macari family is passionate, devoted and excited about their wines, and they have all the reasons to be. The tour they took us […]

Wine Sponsor: Capezzana

By Brenna Boone Capezzana vineyard is one of the wine sponsors that have donated wine to be featured at our final dinner at the James Beard Foundation on October 29th. The history of the grapes at the Capezzana vineyard date back to over 3000 years ago in the pre-Roman era. The vineyard was named in […]

2016 TuttoToscana Queens College Lunch

By Samantha Lucenti The culinary and pastry brigade of FUA began their prepping at Queens College on Monday with the anticipation of a lunch service for the faculty of the host university. The theme of this menu was to bring awareness of the earthquake that struck Italy mid August this past summer. Each dish was […]

3rd Annual FUA Alumni Gala Dinner

By Brenna Boone TuttoToscana classically began with our Alumni event at the James Beard House. This is an event where FUA alumni can come and reconnect with each other while enjoying a five-course family-style meal made and served by our FUA TuttoToscana brigade. The gala dinner is hosted in memory of Cody Durbin, a TuttoToscana […]

Queens College Recipe Closeup

By Gabriella Torcise The lunch event FUA is putting on at Queens College is dedicated to the support of the August 23rd, 2016 earthquake that happened in central Italy. The area most affected were small towns, like that of Amatrice, Accumoli, and Arquata del Tronto. The dishes that have been chosen are all celebrating and […]

TuttoToscana Wine Sponsor: Macari Vineyards

By Gabriella Torcise The Macari Winery was born out of the American Dream. When Cesideo Macari, who goes by Joe, came over from southern Tuscany, he wanted to keep to his roots. He started making his own wines in his garage using whatever he could get his hands on. If they could afford it, they […]

Opening Day at JBF

By Samantha Lucenti and Gabriella Torcise Walking into the James Beard Foundation this rainy Saturday morning in New York City, there was already a mash of English and Italian language all mixed together in one room, which made me realize that I was in the right place. It was a reunion of past classmates and professors […]

JBF 2016 Trial Dinner at Ganzo

In anticipation for the arrival of the official 2016 JBF dinner in NYC, our Florence brigade will host a trial dinner of the Medici Table menu tonight at Ganzo restaurant. The team has been eagerly preparing in Florence for the cardinal event and are extremely excited to test out their efforts on the public tonight. They will […]

Carbonaione – A Tuscan Powerhouse

By the TuttoToscana Team, with contributions from Luca Del Fante This Chianti Classico is a veritable powerhouse when it comes to the Tuscan wine panorama. Created by the father-son team of Vittorio and Yuri Jurij, who are both highly regarded enologists, Carbonaione represents a single-vineyard wine and 100% Sangiovese grapes. The grapes date back to […]

Pastificio Fabbri: Senatore Cappelli Pasta

By Brenna Boone Pastificio Fabbri, an artisanal Tuscan pasta producer, creates the Senatore Cappelli pasta we used for our JBF dinner in the Chianti area. The pasta is made with a special grain hybrid because the main grain that is used is particularly difficult to grown on its own. This grain comes from a particularly […]

Organic Tuscan: Fontodi Wines

By the TuttoToscana Team, with contributions from Luca Del Fante When JBF wines come from an area called “the golden shell” (Conca d’Oro) we know that there must be something special about them. Fontodi, a well-respected wine producer in Tuscany, is located precisely in the heart of this special area just south of the town […]

JBF Wine Sponsor – Salcheto

By Brenna Boone Salcheto Nobile is a red wine from Montepulciano. The vintage we are used for the James Beard Alumni dinner is a 2010. The grapes used in Salcheto Nobile are 100% Prugnolo Gentile grapes. This wine is aged for a total of 18 months and 70% of this time takes place within the […]

Acquerello Risotto: The Art of Aging

By Brenna Boone Acquerello is a very special rice from Italy. This rice was developed by the Rondolino family. In 1935 Cesare Rondolino became a rice farmer and bought the Tenuta Torrone della Colombara because of its fertile fields and abundant water; two conditions perfect for growing rice. Many years later, in 1972, his son […]

JBF Dinner – A Cornucopia of Flavors

By Nelly Mckay This is the event we all were anxiously anticipating, the moment we all had prepared for … some took time off from school, others from work. We all greatly invested our energies, travel, and tuition to confirm tonight that we had made the right choice. We filled the James Beard Foundation to […]

New Jersey City University

Text and photo by Nelly McKay As I watch the culinary and baking teams meticulously prepare each of the dishes, I become aware of another team that cannot be overlooked: the vendors supporting us with their amazing products. One of those supporters is Frantoio Pruneti from San Polo, Chianti who supplied the Tuscan Extra Virgin […]

Pruneti Olive Oil: the Best of Chianti

By Luca Del Fante, photo by Brenna Boone Pruneti olive oils come from the fertile hills of the Chianti area (San Polo in Chianti), on property owned by the Pruneti and dating back to the mid-1800s. Currently, brothers Gionni and Paolo manage the company. They continue to respect family traditions while embracing new and contemporary […]

Astor: Discovering the Local Wine Scene

Text and photo by Luca Del Fante During my time in NYC with the TuttoToscana team, I had the opportunity to visit Astor Wines & Spirits, one of the city’s best wine shops for international wines. The shop is divided according to countries and geographical areas such as Italy, France, wines from New York State, […]

JBF Wine Sponsor – Col de’ Salici

Text and photo by Brenna Boone Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superior is a sparkling wine made from 100% Glera grapes and is produced in Conegliano Valdobbiadene and harvested by hand in late September. The pressing of Valdobbiadene takes place immediately after the harvest with sophisticated equipment made to delicately press the grapes to ensure that only […]

Queens College Historic Costume Collection

Text and photos by Brenna Boone The featured garments, for the event at Queens College as a part of the Tuttotoscana program, had a focus on the 20th century with the earliest piece coming from 1910. The nine garments selected for “A Night Out”, the title of the exhibit, were among the most stunning and […]

Queens College Event

                        Text and photos by Nelly Mckay Fall has definitely arrived at Queens College of the City University of New York, the site of the first dinner in this TUTTOTOSCANA 2015 event. This 84-acre campus was established in 1937 and provides a nice backdrop […]

And our week begins in NYC – 2015

Texts and photos by Nelly Mckay I don’t believe life can get any better than this: Spending a week in the city that never sleeps (like me!) surrounded by culinary and pastry students eager to apply their best skills at the James Beard Foundation! The James Beard Foundation was establish to honor the life and […]