TuttoToscana – James Beard Foundation

4th Annual Alumni Dinner at the James Beard Foundation

By Kerry Callender FUA Alumni Dinner Closes Off TuttoToscana 2017. Traveling from as far away as California, to as close by as downtown Manhattan, FUA alumni reunited with old classmates to share memories, network and celebrate all things Tuscan! The rainy weather did little to dampen the high spirits of former students from various academic […]

TuttoToscana 2017 – James Beard Foundation Gala Dinner

By Kerry Callender The capstone event of the TuttoToscana event week was a success! The big day had finally arrived and the event was sold out! Months of painstaking planning, weeks of trials and tastings, and long days of intense preparation had culminated in the most anticipated event of the TuttoToscana cycle – the gala […]

The TuttoToscana Team Dines at JBF

By Kerry Callender The TuttoToscana brigade shed their chef coats to dine as JBF guests. In a delicious twist on our experiential learning activities, the TuttoToscana team dined as guests at the James Beard House over the course of two evenings. In preparation for our upcoming events at the House, we observed the dining room […]


By Kerry Callender New York City guests journey through Tuscany via art, food and wine. The 2017 TuttoToscana event week got off to a great start with an art aperitivo featuring the work of artist Lorenzo Brini. It is the first time in the program’s 13-year history that an art event has been included in […]

Visit with TuttoToscana’s Wine Sponsors Vias Imports Ltd.

By Yedi Scargall The TuttoToscana wine service team meets Vias Imports Ltd, the wine importer and distributor that will be providing the wine for the week of events in NYC. As the TuttoToscana wine service team, we had the remarkable opportunity to visit the New York City headquarters of Vias Imports Ltd. We were thrilled to meet […]

From the Markets to the Kitchen: TuttoToscana Brigade Begins Production

                  By Yedi Scargall & Kerry Callender As the production begins to create gastronomic masterpieces reflecting Fragments of Tuscany, we continue to introduce the members of the 2017 TuttoToscana brigade. After scouring Greenmarkets and specialty food halls on Sunday and Monday, the TuttoToscana kitchen brigade traveled to […]

From Farm to Table: Discovering New York City’s Green Markets

                By Kerry Callender and Yedi Scargall Our 2017 TuttoToscana brigade members explore New York City’s Farmers Markets for the freshest produce the city has to offer. The first task for the 2017 TuttoToscana brigade after orientation at the James Beard Foundation was to begin sourcing ingredients for […]

Tutto Toscana: Fragments of Tuscany

By Marie Glaser and Veronica Faria Students of the Art and Places: from Renaissance Florence to Contemporary Metropolis class had a final pre-NYC encounter with artist Lorenzo Brini to preview his artwork for the upcoming TuttoToscana aperitivo in NYC. Everything is set for TuttoToscana’s Fragments of Tuscany including Lorenzo Brini’s artwork. Brini is the solo artist being […]

James Beard Foundation Trial Dinners at Ganzo

By Kerry Callender (coordinator), Samantha Lindmeier, Keya Mesthos, Ethan Zuk, and Allyson Frame The TuttoToscana team offered a sneak peek of the food that will be served at the two JBF events in New York City. Last week, the entire TuttoToscana team in Florence collaborated to execute two trial dinners for the upcoming events at the […]

The Wines of TuttoToscana 2017 – Part II

By Yedi Scargall Following up on our last blog post here is part II of the wines that will be showcased in the week-long TuttoToscana event in NYC. The final moments in Florence are being concluded before jetting off to NYC for a week of TuttoToscana events and presenting a magnificent selection of wine pairings featuring […]

The Wines of TuttoToscana 2017 – Part I

By Kerry Callender The week-long TuttoToscana event in NYC will showcase wines from five different producers that were all introduced in our last blog post. In this post we look at each individual wine and what it will be paired with. Building on this year’s theme – Fragments of Tuscany – dishes on the various event […]

Tuscan Wines for TuttoToscana Event in NYC

By the TuttoToscana Team Introducing the selection of Tuscan wine producers which will be served at the TuttoToscana week-long event in NYC. Vias Imports Ltd. will be providing Tuscan wines for the event. For the first time, TuttoToscana has collaborated with the New York wine distributor Vias Imports Ltd. for the 2017 Fragments of Tuscany […]

Interview with Artist Lorenzo Brini

By Hannah Atkinson, Edoardo Curi, Marie Glaser, Haylee Hickey, Katherine McCarthy, Veronica Pimentel Faria Photos by Hailey Hickey In preparation for the TuttoToscana week in NYC, which includes for the first time an art event, FUA students of the course of Art and Places: from Renaissance Florence to Contemporary Metropolis, met with artist Lorenzo Brini. He will […]

First Friday Trial at Ganzo: Art Event

By Special Event Management Class In preparation for the TuttoToscana event week in NYC FUA students hosted a successful practice dinner at Ganzo for Florentine guests. Amidst the rapid preparation for the TuttoToscana event week in New York City, multiple classes at FUA came together in order to host a practice dinner in Florence on […]

TuttoToscana on Art & Place

By Katherine McCarthy 2017 marks the first TuttoToscana edition featuring an art event in the NYC lineup. Our team welcomes a new collaboration with the FUA Art & Places course that is currently curating the event here in Florence in preparation for NYC. Art and places are often connected because the environment in which an […]

Fragments of Italy in New York City

By Emma Olson Photo by Ana Karina Liberata On the evening of October 28th, in the middle of New York City, many lucky guests will be embarking on a cultural experience of Tuscan cuisine. The venue is the renowned James Beard Foundation which has been a center for all things related to the culinary arts […]

This Year’s Main Event: The Medici Table

By Brenna Boone The final dinner at the James Beard Foundation is always an exciting day for the students participating in TuttoToscana. This is the night all of their hard work for the entire week pays off. The culinary and pastry students put in days worth of hard work, concentration and preparation to carry out […]

Turning the Tables: Brigade Dines at JBF

By Gabriella Torcise Last night the students of FUA were able to dine as guests at the James Beard House with the impressive chefs Jeremy Hansen, Tyler Shales, and Lynette Pflueger. The theme was Washington State of Mind. The goal was for us to experience how service runs from the perspective of guests, so what […]

TuttoToscana Brigade Profiles: Baking and Pastry Part 3

By Brenna Boone, Samantha Lucenti and Gabriella Torcise Get to know the 2016 TuttoToscana brigade! This is part 3 of our Baking and Pastry students.   Robin Halford – England Robin is a member of our pastry team. She is half Dutch and half English, but grew up in Greece, but now lives in Italy. She […]

Olive Oil Sponsor: Pruneti

By Brenna Boone Pruneti has been one of our food sponsors for TuttoToscana for the past two years. We get the privilege of using a few different types of their olive oils to enhance our dishes, and showcase some of the traditions of Tuscan cuisine. There are three types that we are using for our […]

TuttoToscana Brigade Profiles: Culinary Arts Part 2

By Brenna Boone, Samantha Lucenti and Gabriella Torcise Get to know the 2016 TuttoToscana brigade! This is part 2 of our Culinary Arts students.   Palak Desai – India Palak is from India and has studied Culinary Arts at FUA since Fall 2015. She has been interested in culinary since she was 11 cooking with her grandmother. […]

TuttoToscana Brigade Profiles: Baking and Pastry Part 2

By Brenna Boone, Samantha Lucenti and Gabriella Torcise Get to know the 2016 TuttoToscana brigade! This is part 2 of our Baking and Pastry students. Angela (Angie) Brooke Jonason – USA Angie Jonason is one of our talented pastry students who is on the 2016 TuttoToscana team. Angie is from Portland, Oregon. Her research in study […]

TuttoToscana Brigade Profiles: Culinary Arts Part 1

By Brenna Boone, Samantha Lucenti and Gabriella Torcise Get to know the 2016 TuttoToscana brigade! This is part 1 of our Culinary Arts students. Matthew Kollmeier – USA Matthew Kollmeier is part of our culinary team for TuttoToscana. Matthew is from East Northport, New York. Through Suffolk County Community College Matthew was connected with FUA. As a […]

Wine Sponsor: Olianas

By Samantha Lucenti Olianas is another sponsored wine to be featured at our final dinner at the James Beard Foundation on October 29th. Starting at the beginning of the century in the heart of Sarcidano, Olianas was created by Stefano Casadei, Artemio Olianas, and Simone Mugnaini. Sharing a common philosophy of producing quality wines based on respecting the […]