Tavolo 21

Bite Size Me

By Mary Claire Ickes and Stephen GargasIn 2004, Morgan Spurlock’s film “Super Size Me” became a popular topic of discussion among dietitians, fast food fans, and education professionals in America.Spurlock ate McDonald’s fast food for 30 days and filmed his experience. Viewers marvel and gasp in disgust as Morgan Spurlock struggles to eat only McDonald’s, […]


By: Morgan Duncan and Sam EberlyWhen we walked into Ganzo, we were both pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere and decor of the restaurant. It was cool and casual and a great place to have conversations with new faces. We had the pleasure of meeting with one of the chefs, Lorenzo. He took us step by […]

Veni Vidi Mangia!

By Rosie Crave and Bailey Davis Ganzo goes beyond the impressive food & themed dishes. Ganzo is about the talent of students and the knowledge of their professors who challenge them to new boundaries. Each week the students are given a different theme or recipe by the head chef and they create different dishes for […]

A Theme That Leaves You Hungry for More

BY VICTORIA CANADA + CAITLIN CLONAN Why stay in your comfort zone when you can let your creativity shine? AperiGANZO allows students in the Master Program at the APICIUS School of Hospitality to do just that. Each week students are challenged to create dishes that fit within the theme chosen by the Head Chef, Massimo […]

Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham

By SIMON BRADY + LAUREN BUSARDO Aperiti-what? Aperiti-who? Aperitivo! An Italian cocktail hour where for a couple of hours people can relax and for a few euros buy drinks and get a bonus of either a plate of snacks served to their table or access to a small buffet of food. This occurs at FUA’s […]